Being A Bad Girl Feels So Good

The man I’m seeing currently asked me if I’d ever thought of adding spanking to our relationship. I laughed. They had never spanked me other than as a child a few times. I’d not really given it much mind since. He thought we should try it. I’m usually game to try new things, so I said sure, let’s try it. That night in bed, I was laying there in lovely lingerie and he said I’d been a bad girl. He thought it might be time for a spanking. He grabbed me and pulled me over his lap and gave me a few sharp spanks on my rear end. The fabric it made the lingerie of is very thin, so I might as well just have had a bare ass. It sure like I did when he spanked me.

I Had Been A Bad Girl

It did smart but wasn’t heavy duty pain or anything. I had to admit, it was a bit arousing. I thought about it the next day and told him I was ok with this once in a while. He smiled and said he thought I’d feel that way. A few nights later, he asked if I was ready for another spanking and I said yes. I’d been a bad girl that morning. He asked what I’d done, and I said I’d masturbated in the shower with the shower massager. He agreed I’d been bad and needed to be punished for it.

My Ass Stung From His Slaps

I laid over his lap and got my skirt pulled up and my panties pulled down. This time it was his hand against my bare skin. I could just feel the skin turning bright pink with every swat of his hand on me. After around six or so spanks, he gently rubbed my ass cheek in his hand. I could feel him getting hard underneath me against my stomach. He moved his fingers down the crack of my ass to my pussy underneath and teased my clit. I was writhing on his lap and spreading my legs a bit to give him better access to my pussy.

He Called Me A Greedy Little Slut

I was wet already, which he certainly noticed and commented on, calling me a greedy little slut. And I was starting to breathe heavier as I felt his fingertip massage my clit in little circles. It felt so good. I was still aware of the slight stinging sensation of my freshly spanked ass. I was bucking against his hand, seeking release. His fingertips dipped into my seeping cunt and dragged the juices up over my pussy lips. He smeared them thoroughly with his fingers until I was all slippery and wet. My clit was stiff and standing at attention, even more aroused than usual due to the spanking. It had brought something out in me I’d not expected. A heightened sense of arousal, I guess is the best way to put it. My nipples were hard, I could feel them rubbing against his leg I was draped over.

I Told Him That I Needed His Cock In Me

I was aware of his cock throbbing. And  I knew this was turning him on as much as it was me. And  I could feel his fingers now sliding in and out of me. I told him I needed his cock in me, and he lifted me off of his lap and I got onto the bed. And  I quickly wriggled out of the clothes I had on and was naked as he joined me on the bed. His bobbing erection is now free of his pants. He mounted me and shoved his cock deep within me and thrust harder than he normally does. He fucked me hard until I came, clawing at his back, leaving some scratches on him. It soon filled me with a torrent of cum, much greater an amount than usual, it seemed.

The spanking had indeed heightened things, it seemed. I’m not that submissive a person in most cases, but I kind of liked this.

This is a hot fetish. I’d not have thought of someone spanking me, but I’m glad he did, it’s been kind of hot. Maybe next time I can spank him and play the dominant one. I think it’s good to try new things and have them add a dash of excitement to the ordinary routines. Erotic spanking is something I am glad I tried.

I will happily do Any fetish phone sex call.