I Work Part Time As A Fetish Specialist

I work part time as a fetish specialist. Meaning men that have certain kinks and fetishes come and see me for sessions. I do not have sex with these men, I am there to serve them in a different way. Most that come are submissive. Many are into bondage, pain, or spanking, or any other number of fetishes that I cater to. A more recent client is into spanking, a very common request actu

Casey loves fetishes

ally, but he likes me to be dressed up like a 1950’s housewife. Sort of the June Cleaver type in pearls, pumps, dress and look so picture perfect. Then he likes to get over my knee and have me wallop the living daylights out of his rear u

ntil there’s marks on him.

He Really Loved The Idea Of Being Punished By A House Wife

The other day he had me use a paddle on him that has holes in it. This makes these funny little marks on his ass in the shapes of circles. It really packs a punch when I use that thing on him. There is a lot of satisfaction for me for sure.

. And he can’t sit down for hours without severe pain. When he first called me before coming in and he was explicit with what he wanted. I asked him why he wanted me dressed up that way. He said when he was a kid that watching the old reruns on t.v. of all the housewives in the old family sitcoms. They really turned him on and he used to beat off to watching them. They looked so prim and proper, which of course they were, so that is what turned him on. This was his one of his fetishes.And I was glad to oblige.

I Told Him That I Knew He Had Been A Bad Boy

I had a lot of different outfits on hand of course and when I answered the door. He was very pleased with my presentation. And I could see the approving bulge in his pants as he gave me the once over with his eyes. It was clear that he had a big dick . He was led into a living room type of set and I sat down in a wing back chair. I told him to pull down and his pants and lay himself across my lap. And I told him that I knew he’d been a bad boy and now was time to take his punishment. I could tell he was nearly dripping in anticipation of this. His big dick was quite erect! He said his own wife would never understand or approve of anything like this. So he had no choice but to find a professional to serve his needs. I was only too happy to do so.

I Love Knowing That I Give Them What They Want

He also enjoys other types of abuse as well, such as me slapping his face hard. Or even the occasional kick to the balls. Men have odd needs at times. They don’t have to make sense to us, I am only there to fulfill them, not judge them. Many have never had a woman treat them this way unless they were paying for it. The women in their lives would just not want to abuse or punish them. So they seek professional fetish providers like myself to dole out the punishment they so crave they cannot get elsewhere in their lives. Most of the time their wives or girlfriends would be shocked and confused as to their need to have this treatment, but hey,I love knowing that I give them what they want!

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