He Was My Naughty Young Handyman

I have an interesting sex story that happened to me not too long ago. My younger neighbor, he’s a nice guy, but he can’t seem to hold a job down too well. So I give him odd jobs now and the

Casey tells a good sex story

n and have never had a problem with him. Last week though he seemed in a bit of a different mood when he came by to collect his money for the latest chore I’d had him do and I wondered what he had on his mind. So I asked him and he began to blush a little bit.

This Was Going To Be Quite A Sex Story

He said he’d be willing to forgo getting paid for this latest job if I’d play out a MILF fantasy with him. Was a bit surprised. But he was a nice looking guy and I’d always liked him. And had a feeling he liked older women, me in particular. Then he even shyly added, if I had a strap on, so much the better. My, my, he was a naughty boy! As it happens, I do have a good sized collection of sex toys. And now that he mentioned that, it makes me wonder if maybe he’d rummaged through my things. Perhaps when he painted my bedroom last year and found my toy collection. And knew I had a strap on already. I didn’t ask.

It Was An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

I thought it over for a moment and agreed, yes, we could do that. And I was a bit short on cash this month myself, so was glad to not have to part with any. I could certainly play with the young lad if it meant that much to him. And would save me a spot of money as well. So I invited him in and we had a couple of drinks. And I wondered how this sex story was going to unfold. I got up and grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom and undressed him. He was as hard as a rock as I told him to get down on all fours.

It Was A Turn On For Me As Well

I went to the toy chest and got out a strap on and stepped into the harness. I lubed it up and walked over to him and parted his ass cheeks. Then I popped the head of it into his tender, young ass and he winced. I then slid it all the way in and he squealed. I got a good rhythm going and was fucking him, he was so aroused, I could tell from his sounds. And he kept telling me to fuck him harder. I was doing my best and it wasn’t long until he came. And thanked me for fucking him like he’d never been fucked before.

He then asked if he might have the honor of being allowed to lick my pussy and I said yes. So he flipped over on his back and I sat on his face. I was just grinding into his mouth. He was pretty good at licking, and my clit got a good workout by his tongue. He got me pretty wet and my juices were smeared all over his face from ear to ear.

And he looked as happy as I’d ever seen him. I came pretty hard, and after we were both satisfied, he thanked me for doing this for him. He said that it was the best sex story he’d ever been apart of. And he wondered if we might get the opportunity to repeat it sometime. I said I’d think about it and he went back to his place. and I laid there thinking I would know the pleasure that tongue had given me once more.

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