He had a foot fetish and I loved it

My latest boyfriend has a foot fetish, and I love it. My feet have never been so pampered. He wanted to take over my pedicure routine, and I was happy to let him. Nightly foot rubs are a part of my routine now, and it’s heavenly. The night of our first date, I had a feeling he might have a thing for feet. I’d worn some very sexy open-toed slingbacks, and I noticed him glancing down several times that first night. He complimented me on my shoes and then said I had lovely feet. He asked if I’d ever had a fantastic foot massage, that he’d love to give me one. This wasn’t just sex stories. It was real and I loved it.

His Massage Was Unreal

After our date, I let him in and we had a couple of glasses of wine and we’re sitting on the sofa together. He leaned down and removed my shoes and placed my feet in his lap and began to rub them. I had to admit, he sure had a talent for foot massage. I’d never had such a pleasurable one in all my life. As my feet were in his lap, I could feel him getting hard. The bulge my feet were against was hardening quickly.

I Was Ready To Give Him What He Wanted

He asked if I’d ever given a foot job and I said only once a long time ago, and I’d laughed a lot. I remembered that much. He said he’d love it if I’d be willing to try it again and I said I would. During the fantastic foot fetish massage he was giving me, I didn’t mind giving him something back in return. He unzipped his pants and a larger-than-average cock came out. It was hard as a steel rod. My feet were already bare, and he cupped them in his hands and around his cock. Then he bent my knees outward so the bottom of my feet were flat against each other. Except for the arch. He peeked through the arch and I saw his cock jumping with excitement.

He Slid His Cock Between My Feet to satisfy his foot fetish

I could feel his slippery pre-cum on the bottoms of my soles and getting them all slick. I curled my toes, and he loved it and asked me to keep doing that. He was breathing heavily as he pumped his hard cock between my feet. Not long after, he shot his load all over the tops of my feet. A few dates later and we began to fuck. He’d be standing, and I’d be at the edge of the bed on my back with my feet on his shoulders. He’d then turn his head and suck on my toes as we fucked. It tickled a bit, and I giggled at the silliness of it. His foot fetish was real, they genuinely turned him on.

He was into feet, shoes anything foot fetish related

So foot jobs began to be a part of our regular routine, and that was fine. He was buying me lovely shoes and doing beautiful jobs of my weekly pedicures. My tender tootsies had never been so lovingly cared for. It was nice. One time I was cooking in the kitchen and went to find him. I found him masturbating with a pair of my shoes. He had his cock going in and out of the open toe. He had the other shoe to his nose, smelling it. And He didn’t see me, and I didn’t want to disturb him, so I left and pretended I didn’t see anything. He was obviously really into feet and shoes, more so than even I knew. Having a foot fetish can be an all-consuming one, for sure.

He Sucked My Toes As We Fucked

We fucked this morning, in his favorite position again. I could feel his cock going in and out of my pussy, I squeezed my cunt muscles around his cock. He licked between my toes and suckled on them. My tits were shaking back and forth as we went at it. His cock gets extra hard when he’s sucking on my toes as we fuck. I’m kind of getting used to it and liking it, it’s a bit different, but I have to say, it’s really turning me on. He’s a heavy cummer and really enjoys spraying his load on my feet. I also love feeling the gush of his warm creamy load on my pretty painted toes.

As Good As It Gets!

The little drops of cum on the tops of them. Especially if I’m wearing red nail polish. He really likes it. He licks it off as well. It’s not just a foot fetish he’s got, he likes cum as well. Oh well, I’m happy with him, so he can play with my feet as much as he wants.

My favorite kind of unadulterated sex is fetish phone sex.