Naughty Sex Stories Are Always The Best

We all have several naughty sex stories, but one of my more recent ones is one to remember. The block I live on has several randy teenagers that all pal around together. They are always looking over my fence when I sunbathe or stopping by to say hello as I garden. I saw one peeping in my window and he said he was there to retrieve a ball. It’s always something with this group. I was caught masturbating.

I Guess I Had Too Much To Drink

For Halloween, I was dressing up as a sexy witch in a low cut dress, somewhat like Elvira. I handed out the candy and had some wine as I waited between trick or treaters. By the last of the trick or treaters, I’d polished off nearly two bottles. The group of naughty boys came sauntering up to my walk and told me how sexy I looked. I thanked them. I still had some candy left, so I invited them in to help themselves so I wouldn’t be tempted to. They eagerly accepted and came in. There were four of them. They sat on the sofa and I brought the bowl of remaining candy to them. As I bent forward to place the bowl on the table they were all trying to peek down my low cut dress.

Would You Like Some Treats? Or Tricks?

I remarked I could see them peering down my cleavage. They said with a set of tits like mine, how could they resist? I smiled and said now that you’ve had some treats, how would you like some tricks? They looked at one another a bit confused. I dropped to my knees in front of them and told them to stand around me in a semi-circle. They did as they were told. They had no idea what was coming.  And They were about to have one of the hottest sex stories they’d ever have in their lives come to life. I told them to unzip their pants and get out their cocks. Needless to say, when they got them out, they were all hard as a rock.

I Had Two Cocks In My Mouth

I took one cock in each hand of two of them and started to alternate sucking on them. Then the next two got their turn. I got on all fours and told the one behind me to pull up my costume and fuck me from behind. The two in front of me both put their cocks in my mouth together. I’d never had two in my mouth at the same time before. The boy remaining, I told him to go underneath me and lick my clit as I was getting fucked. I got pounded hard, and I felt the young lad go off inside of me. He pulled out and the one that had been licking my clit took his turn. He loved the sloppy seconds apparently. It wasn’t long before he too shot his load inside of me.

My Pussy Became So Sloppy

The two I was sucking off were about to blow their loads down my throat. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue and they each squirted their loads and I swallowed it. Being the horny young guys they were, they did not take long to get hard again. The ones that had just drained their nut sacks down my slut throat, were soon waiting behind me. I took one and felt his huge teenage cock pop its head into my sloppy pussy. I was so filled with cum, his cock slid right in. He was the largest and he did stretch me, and his cock was soon coated with his friend’s cum.

I Loved Every Minute Of It

I milked his dick with my cunt muscles and soon he released his second load, this time in my snatch. He no sooner pulled out than his friend took his place. The rivulets of cum were dripping down my thighs from the three previous. I was such whore for taking on four teenage boys, but I was loving every minute of it. He spanked my ass and really rammed his dick into me. Soon my pussy was taking the fourth load of the night. I licked their cocks clean of my cum and theirs and soon they all left. Their pockets full of my leftover candy, and their balls drained of their teenage cum. Sex stories come in all varieties, but this teenage gangbang was my favorite one yet.

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