I Have Always Loved Oral Sex

We all have our perfect match sexually, and I met mine a few months ago. I’ve always loved oral sex, most people do, but I always loved it more than most. The last guy I was with sure loved getting it of course. However, he made it very clear he felt it a chore to return the favor. I just can’t be with someone like that. I have a very hot oral sex story about the guy I’m with now. How do you detail to someone new just how much you love it without sounding weird? I didn’t come right out and say it, I thought my actions would speak louder than words.

We Pleasure Each Other Several Times A Day

I started to give him blow jobs at the end of every date without any prompting whatsoever from him. He then would do the same to me, and he was fantastic at licking pussy. We fucked of course, but it seems we both prefer oral to about any other way to orgasm. We’ve been pleasuring one another daily. After we discovered this mutual love for oral sex, we would just go down on one another all the time. He’s stayed over at my house several times. He’s usually hard when he wakes up, even before he wakes up actually. I have wakened him up with my mouth bobbing up and down on his cock and he absolutely adores it.

An Oral Sex Story To Remember

We showered together, and we came out and dried off. Then he carried me to the bed and spread me open like a flower before him. His tongue working its way all over my fresh cunt, teasing my clit, sucking my inner lips. He says I taste like the sweetest strawberries. Eating me out of course gets him hard again, and he’s more than happy to let me suck him off. I fondle his balls and suck at the tip of his dripping shaft. Plunging it down my throat, twisting my hand gripping his base.I could never get enough of cock sucking.

I Gave Him Head As He Drove

We had to drive out of town the other night to help a friend. I had the feeling he’d like what I was thinking. I reached over and stroked his cock through his jeans as he was driving. He thought he was just going to get a hand job, but I wanted to push the limits. I unzipped him and lowered my mouth down onto his cock. I drooled all over it and got it all sloppy wet. He was concentrating on driving and I was concentrating on his dick. I moved my mouth up and down, up and down. My saliva all lathered up on his cock. His precum oozing out and mixing with my spit.

He Made My Pussy Feel So Good

I drove him wild as my tongue played with the tip of his prick, lapping the precum off. I swirled it around and around, then licked up and down the veiny sides. His breathing was heavy and jagged, and I kept it up until he blew a load right down my throat. I felt every squirt as I swallowed. He turned down a dark road, and we got in the back seat. He pulled my skirt up and pulled my panties off to the side. I then felt his tongue begin to taste my wetness. I was so wet, the crotch of my panties was damp from having sucked him. He took my hard clit in his mouth and just sucked and sucked. I was in heaven, my pussy was throbbing, and so very wet.

This Was Fantastic!

He licked my slit up and down, scooping the wetness out and my clit was just tingling. He gave me a good tongue lashing until I screamed out in ecstasy. The windows were all fogged up, and I was just panting, trying to catch my breath. We finally recovered from our orgasms, straightened up and continued on our way. Fuck, oral sex with him is fantastic. We cannot get enough of one another. This oral sex story was one of my hotter ones, not being able to wait until we got back home. The car isn’t the most comfortable place, but sometimes, you just need that release. I am so glad I’ve met my match when it comes to enjoying oral delights.

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