A True Life Sex Story

Recently I moved to a newer, fairly upscale community. There are get-togethers every few months, as it happens, there was one the weekend after I moved in. They have a lovely community pool and park area where they are held. The powerful punch was flowing, and the barbecue was cooking, it was a fun night. I had way too much of the delicious rum punch and was quite flirty with a handsome man there. He flirted right back, and we soon were walking around the park away from the others. I hadn’t planned on a seemingly harmless flirtation turning into a true-life sex story, but it soon did.

We Were All Over Eachother

He lived not far from the park and asked me if I’d like to go back to his place. I couldn’t deny it, it attracted me to him, and wanted to. So I said yes. We stumbled in the door, my mind is still foggy from the strong punch. We kissed and undressed as we made our way to the bedroom. And we fell onto the bed, our hands clawing at one another as we stripped the last of our clothes off. He lay on his back and I knelt between his legs. I grabbed at his cock that was already stiff in my hand.

He Groaned In Pleasure

I slowly pumped it up and down and then bent forward to slowly lick the tip. His pre-cum tasted sweet and I cupped his warm balls in my hand. I was soon drooling all over his cock and getting it all wet and juicy as I sucked on it hungrily. He groaned with pleasure and placed his hand on the back of my head.

I Took It All Into My Mouth

He shoved it downwards, so as much of his cock could go down my throat as possible. I was practically gagging on it. My hand made twisting motions up and down the base of his shaft as my tongue worked the head. I was sending him to heaven with my blow job. It amazed him at how much I could take into my mouth. I just relaxed my throat and went up and down on that throbbing rod to give him maximum pleasure. My cheeks were soon swelling up with his cum after he shot his first load of cum in me. I swallowed every single drop of it.

My Cunt Was Sopping Wet

He told me huskily to come to sit on his face. So I sat my sopping wet cunt right over his mouth and he licked me. The way his tongue played with my clit was incredible. I was soon gripping the headboard to steady myself. I thought I might faint from the pleasure. He suckled on it until I came on his face. In only a moment after, he lifted me up and downwards onto his cock.

It Was Just So Hot

I was so wet I easily slid it into me. I began to slowly rock back and forth on him as I was getting closer to having yet another orgasm. And I squeezed my pussy muscles around his shaft and bucked forward and back, over and over. I felt his hands on my breasts, toying with my hard nipples. I screamed out in ecstasy as I rode him and came on his cock. And I soon felt him squirting inside of me. My true life sex story had certainly come to life after that get-together at the park.

It All Felt Like A Dream

We soon fell asleep and I had wonderful, naughty dreams about our night of debauchery. When we woke up in the morning, it all seemed like some surreal memory. A great memory, but kind of dreamlike. He told me he had a wonderful time with me, and I certainly had with him. We played every kind of sex games. Then he said he hated to ask, but could I get going soon. His wife was going to be returning in the next couple of hours.

It Was A Surprise But I Didn’t Care

He wanted to straighten things up before she got back. I was a bit surprised, but it had not been any planned date or anything. And I got dressed and I noticed a pic on the bedside table of them together. I realized I recognized her. She was a friend of a friend I’d actually met a couple of times briefly. Oh well, things happen. I was soon on my way with some hot memories of my night before.

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