A True Life Sex Story Is The Best

We all have a true life sex story, some of us more exciting than others. Recently I went home to my parents for dinner, and my dad had some of his friends over. A long time friend and his wife. I hadn’t seen them in many years and it was a nice evening. The man is a photographer and I casually mentioned I hadn’t had my pic taken professionally in years. Not since I had regular school photographs. He encouraged me to book an appointment with him, free of charge. Why not? I called him the next week to set something up. I went over wearing a new, lovely dress I’d bought for the occasion.

He Had Me Pose In A Sexier Pose

He loved what I’d worn, and had me do all kinds of fun poses. I was looking forward to seeing the proofs of them. He asked me if I was wearing any fancy lingerie underneath by chance. I giggled a bit and said yes, I always like to feel pretty under my clothes. He asked me if I’d be ok to take the dress off and get some lingerie shots as well. I was suddenly glad I’d bothered to wear the fancy stuff. He said it was just beautiful, and he had me pose in some more seductive positions. He really was quite an attractive, distinguished older man.  So, He and my father had gone to college together, so they were the same age.

Nude Shots Were Included

He said he had some costumes in the back and to look through them. I could see if I’d like to try anything on for some more pics. I found a few interesting outfits and tried them on. He took so many pics of me. He then asked if I’d like some nude shots. And then he said my body was absolutely stunning. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some pics capture me in my prime? I was a little unsure, but he assured me no one would ever see the prints but the two of us. So I stripped. Things suddenly took a bit of a raunchy turn. I felt like I was being photographed for a glamorous men’s magazine.

I Knew That He Was Getting So Hard

It was a lot of fun playing a model like this. I noticed as he was taking the pics he seemed to be getting aroused. His pants were getting tighter in the crotch area and he was breathing a bit more deeply. He came over to help pose me and he grazed my nipple with his hand. His fingers lingered a bit and toyed with my nipple making it hard. He fondled my breasts and let his hands wander down between my creamy thighs. I parted my legs for him as I lay there on the little fainting couch. He felt my wetness and teased my clit. I began to breathe heavily myself as he fingered me there. This was turning into a true life sex story. It was almost as if he were giving me sex lessons.

I reached up and undid his pants. I took out his already hard cock and started to stroke it.  Then I leaned forward and began to suck on the head of it, tasting his pre-cum. I’d never been with a man as old as my father before, but he was making it very easy. I slurped away on his cock and he gently pushed me back onto the couch and got on top of me. He began easing his hard cock into me and slid it in. He groaned with sheer ecstasy. And He pumped in and out of me, saying his wife hadn’t allowed him to fuck her for years. He had a nice cock, thick and a good length. It filled my tight pussy up nicely.

He Was Married…So What?

He kissed me and then sucked on my nipples as we fucked there. He sped up his thrusts and soon shot his copious load into my pussy. At the same moment, I came on his dick. My spasming pussy milked him into me and squeezed out every drop of cum. We lay there exhausted and happy. He thanked me profusely for allowing him to make love to me and I said it was my pleasure. He’d made me cum as well, and it was a lot of fun. I got up and got dressed and he said he’d be in touch the following week when the proofs were ready. I felt a bit guilty, since he was married, but not too much, since apparently, he wasn’t getting anything. It had been a fun afternoon for us both. It was just one true life sex story I’d had thus far.

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