Giving Sex Lessons To An Innocent Are The Very Hottest

Sex lessons are the most fun kind of lessons there are. It’s a shame they aren’t taught in school! I was at a party recently and there were many good looking people there. One though caught my eye and he seemed a bit out of place. He was very cute, but there was a shyness about him. He just looked kind of lost and awkward, so I went over to him and started some small talk. And  he seemed grateful someone had come to include him. He said he’d come with a friend, but they left with a girl and stranded him.So , he has a few drinks to alleviate his nervousness and was becoming more relaxed and open.

He Blushed At My Bold Statement

After a while, he leaned in and whispered in my ear he was still a virgin. His buddy had come here to try and help him meet some girls. However, he’d left soon after and he was here trying to fit in. I leaned in and told him I loved innocent young boys like him. His eyes widened and he blushed at my bold statement. He said he’d love a woman like me to show him the ropes and take charge. I grabbed him by his hand and out the door we went.

I Was Ready To Give This Innocent Young Guy Sex Lessons

My place was just around the corner and I brought him inside and poured us some drinks. We were soon kissing and he asked if I’d consider giving him sex lessons. I smiled and said of course I would, and we could begin right now. I led him to the bedroom and undressed him and then myself. He laid on the bed and I laid down beside him. I told him to stroke his cock for me and I began to rub my pussy. He was so excited watching me and being this close to a masturbating woman.

First You Need How To Pleasure Me

After a while I rubbed his cock for him and then placed my hand on top of his and placed it on my pussy. He was enthralled. He’d never touched a woman before and I showed him how I liked to be touched. I told him all women like different types of touch. So to be sure and always ask a woman what she likes or have them show him themselves. He made me cum with my hand on top of his, guiding him how to pleasure me. I then resumed touching his cock and it didn’t take much to make him cum.

He Was A Good Student

Over the next few days, I showed him all sorts of things. I gave him his first blow job and asked him how he liked this or that. He learned how important it is to tell your lover what you like or don’t. I didn’t want to overwhelm the boy all at once, so the sex lesson covered a different pleasure each time. I instructed him to lick pussy, and again how important it is to ask how they like it.

Not all women like the same things, so you must ask. He soon learned just how I liked it and he was a quick study. A very eager student in the sensual arts. He spread open my pussy lips, exposing my clit, then flickered his tongue all over it. I soon climaxed as he carried out my instructions to perfection. And I didn’t want to seem like a traffic cop, but ones need to be led to learn.

I Loved Being The Dominant Partner

He knew all these things were leading up to the grand finale of intercourse. He was actually going to get to fuck me, which he’d been dying to do since we met. I could see that he was a patient boy, and had not pressured me to hurry the sex lessons along. I liked being the dominant partner and he was fun to teach, nice to look at, and an excellent pupil. The night had arrived and I was going to take his virginity. He was all warmed up and raring to go. I gave him a wet, sloppy blow job to get things started. I said it was always good to get one orgasm out of the way before actual sex. That way you weren’t ready to blow as soon as you entered your lady. He understood, and was happy to cum down my throat.

It’s Fuck Time

I laid back, and he got between my thighs and entered his young, throbbing cock within me. He had a nice cock, maybe seven inches, and a good girth to it. He slid in and a look of sheer ecstasy came over his face. I was afraid he’d blown his load right then, but he was just acclimating himself to the sensations. He pumped back and forth and I wrapped my legs around him and grabbed his ass. He thrust and he thrust and I soon came from his hard cock rubbing against my stiff clit. My pussy began to milk him as it contracted around his shaft. He then released his copious load of cum within me. Rope after rope shot inside of me and he lay breathless and spent on top of me. I think things just might continue beyond these sex lessons.

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