A Naughty Aunt Story

A lot of us with older sisters have a naughty aunt story. My nephew is not that much younger than I am. I’ve always thought of us as more like cousins than aunt and nephew because of the closeness of our ages. He’s a very handsome boy. My sister is pretty and her husband is also gorgeous, but that’s a story for another time. Anyway, I’ve always loved my dear nephew. He’s a nice guy as well as good-looking and he stayed with me recently since he was looking at nearby schools. My sister asked if he could stay with me since they were a few towns away, and it would have been a long drive. I said of course, I’d be happy to have him for a week or so. If she’d known what was going to happen, I doubt she’d have asked!

He Looked Different These Days

It had been a year or so since I’d seen the young man, and he got even more good-looking. He had grown from a boy to a man and I was finding myself looking at him a lot. Not in a familial way, either. His muscles were developed, and he had developed an intensity about him I’d never seen before, just maturing, I guess. I saw him as he got out of the shower, a towel wrapped around his waist as he shaved. The door was open an inch or so and he didn’t notice me watching him. He removed his towel to finish drying off and getting ready and I saw his cock. I audibly gasped, and that’s when he knew I was there.

I Couldn’t help but Stare At His Cock

He was large, and I knew after seeing it, I had to have it. This naughty aunt story then took a dramatic turn. He opened the door all the way and smiled. I then wondered if he’d known I was watching him the entire time. I couldn’t help but look downwards to that magnificent cock yet again. And I reached out to touch it, surprised by my boldness. I gripped it and felt it get hard in my hand. He moaned with pleasure at my hand on him. I couldn’t help but rub it up and down and feel its girth in my hand. And I led him to my bedroom, still holding his cock in my hand.

I Couldn’t Wait To Taste Him

I sat him down on the edge of my bed, totally naked, and knelt before my nephew. And I looked him in the eye as I stroked him and lowered my mouth to his hard cock. He ran his hand over the back of my head, stroking my hair. I felt his sweet precum on my lips, and I licked at them. I opened my mouth wide and swallowed his shaft in my mouth. And I fondled his balls as I sucked on him. He lifted me onto the bed and pulled my robe open and started to kiss down my body and licked at my pussy. I spread wide for him and loved the feel of his young tongue on my moistened cunt. I writhed on the bed beneath him and groaned with excitement.

He Was So Good At It

He worked his tongue all over me, bringing me almost to the point of cumming, and then mounted me. I wrapped my legs around him as he slides his cock inside of me. He thrust over and over, and I could feel my wet pussy glide against his cock. My tits crushed between us, my nipples so hard. He leaned down to suck on them as we fucked. He certainly didn’t need any sex lessons! I could feel an orgasm rising within me.

I clutched at his ass cheeks and pulled him as hard into me as I could. And  I bucked my hips up to meet his thrusts. I then came explosively on his cock and as soon as I did, he went off within me. I could feel jet after hot jet of his young cum inside my pussy, spraying my cunt walls. We lay there, arms wrapped around one another, catching our breath. We fucked every single day and night he stayed with me. It was one hot naughty aunt story come to life. My sister hopefully will never find out about it. I hope he comes back soon, I want more of that young cock.

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