His Friend Made My Vacation So Much Better

Recently my boyfriend and I went on vacation with a friend of his and his girlfriend. We thought two couples would have a lot more fun on a trip. It was fun alright, but not for the reason I expected it would be. I’d never been a cheating girlfriend before, but that was about to change. My boyfriend is a real laid-back sort. His idea of a vacation is lying around the pool or at the beach on a towel. Apparently, his friend’s girlfriend felt the same. She just wanted to soak in the sun and read and relax. Me, I want to sightsee and take in the local culture and see all the attractions. Her boyfriend felt the same, he didn’t want to lay around all day working on a tan.

We Ended Up Spending Time Alone

So, my boyfriend and his girlfriend stayed at the resort, and we went out sightseeing. It didn’t seem at all odd or suspicious, but we got on well, a bit too well. The fun and the excitement of being away, I just kind of got swept up in it all. I found myself quite attracted to the friend. We left for the entire day and had a wonderful time on the little day trip and seeing all the things. I was not surprised when he kissed me before we headed back to the resort. It was all I could think about that night as my boyfriend was fucking me. I had to consciously force myself not to call out his friend’s name instead of his.

This Was Better Than Just  Lounging On The Beach

The next day, they again wanted to loaf around by the pool. His friend wanted to head out and see more things, and he asked me to go with him. My boyfriend said it was fine, he didn’t mind. So this time after we went on a brief tour, we ended up on a beach, a secluded one. We fucked right there under the palm trees. He was a passionate kisser, and he had a gorgeous cock. I took it in my hand and rubbed it up and down. He was hard in no time. I’m sure my boyfriend had no clue his cheating girlfriend was about to fuck his friend. There we were, on the other side of the island, cheating on our mates. I gingerly licked the tip of his dripping, hard cock as I looked him right in the eye.

He Was More Assertive, And Just What I Needed

He placed his hand on the back of my head and really shoved down so I was gagging on his cock. I loved it. He was a bit more aggressive than my boyfriend. The warm ocean breezes caressed our nude, cheating selves. It was hot. I got on all fours and he fucked me from behind. His cock was bigger and really filled me up a lot more than my boyfriends did. We scurried back to the hotel, no one the wiser. Later that night when our mates were asleep, we both snuck out. We found a secluded area of the resort and we fucked again. This was better than any hot sex story I ever read.

It Was Risky And That Excited Me

He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist and we fucked against a wall. He was strong and his cock felt so good in my cunt. We did not stay out long, we didn’t want anyone to catch us. gone from our rooms. We both slipped back in undetected, it seemed. We wanted to go parasailing the next day, again our mates wanted to relax by the pool. It was crazy they suspected nothing. Off we went again for the day, having an exhilarating experience. We went for lunch afterward and then got a room for a few hours at another motel. This time we had a proper bed, and it was fantastic.

This Was A Vacation To Remember

He got me on my back and licked my pussy so good. I was afraid they’d knock on the door I was making so much noise. He knew exactly where to suck and lick and tease. I was gripping the sheets in sheer ecstasy as he made me cum with his tongue. Then he slid on top of me and into me and I wrapped my legs around him so tight as we fucked. You could hear the faint steel drums in the background as he pounded my pussy. We got in the shower after we fucked and did again in there. The water streaming over our sun-kissed bodies. We returned to the resort a while later and had dinner with our mates. I don’t think my boyfriend ever suspected I’d been a cheating girlfriend multiple times during our week away. It was a fun trip for us all.

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