RECENT kinky kingdom stories

Midsummer wet dream

Midsummer Wet Dream: A Memory for Keeping Warm in Winter

Midsummer wet dream. A dream that I’ll never forget. I was laying in my bed du...

MIssed Covid Opportunities

Missed Covid Opportunities: A Diary of a Horny Woman

Missed Covid Opportunities. Missed Covid Opportunities. A phrase everyone must b...

Kissing Mrs. Claus

Kissing Mrs. Claus: The Kinkiest Christmas Miracle

Kissing Mrs. Claus. Yes, you heard it right. But, before I get into how I starte...

Sexy Siamese Twins

Sexy Siamese Twins: The Freak Show that CUMS to you!

Sexy Siamese twins are rare! Finding Sexy Siamese twins that escort is a God’s...

Erotic Orgy Mystery

Erotic Orgy Mystery: An Uninhibited Masquerade of strangers Part 3

Erotic orgy mystery. This is the only way to describe this masquerade. I continu...

Erotic Secret Societies

Erotic Secret Societies: An Uninhibited Masquerade of Strangers Part 2

Erotic secret societies were something I had only seen in the movies up until no...

Erotic Animal Anonymity

Erotic Animal Anonymity: An Uninhibited Masquerade of Strangers Part 1

 Erotic animal anonymity is the idea that we, as animals, can have completely a...

Cream Pie Cuckold

Cream Pie Cuckold: Here Cums the Bride, All Drenched in White

Cream pie cuckold was new to Jenna. Jenna Loved her Fiancé, but he wasn’t qui...

Polygamist Sex Goddess

Polygamist Sex Goddess :The Story of a Polyamorous Pillow Princess

Polygamist Sex Goddess is a name I’m proud of. What is sexier than having mult...

Bathroom Blow Jobs

Bathroom Blow Jobs: The Dive Bar Diaries Vol.1, A Sticky Situation

Bathroom blow jobs are dirty, fast, and a hell of a good time.  Bathroom blow j...

Oral sex confessions

Oral Sex Confessions Chapter 1: The Boys Next Door

Oral sex confessions, the beginning. It all started with a game of hide-and-seek...

Hot Anal Sex

Hot Anal Sex Across Country: Anna Eats Austin Edition

Hot Anal Sex was Anna’s specialty. As a rule, Anna and Joe explored outside of...

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