Hot Anal Sex was Anna’s specialty.

As a rule, Anna and Joe explored outside of their relationship. Accordingly, they started to really understand each other. Anna got off on exploring hot anal sex with strangers and Joe loved making Anna happy. They set off on a cross-country road trip. The purpose of this was to have Anna slither her tongue state to state, finding new boy toys to dominate.

Their journey began in Miami Beach, Anna’s hometown.

Anna loved licking new Latin lovers and blowing their minds with her alien-like powers. Once leaving Florida, she especially loved those soft and fuzzy Georgia peaches. Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana had their moments, but all Anna could think about was being able to lasso a real Texan cowboy. She loved going to rodeos as a young lady, but as an adult, she realized how much pain these cowboys could endure. To this day, her tongue will vibrate and flicker if she ever flips to a channel with a cowboy riding a bull.

They arrived in Austin late Friday night.

Joe found a local honky-tonk, and as no surprise Anna was thrilled. They sat down at the bar and ordered some drinks. Without anyone noticing, Anna slid her tongue into her cocktail and slurped the entire drink up, like her tongue was her own magical straw. “I’ll have another.” She said to the sexy barmaid. Meanwhile, Anna was feeling loose and frisky. She turned to the dancefloor and saw him. That was her cowboy. He was tall and handsome. His plaid shirt tight around his muscular arms. He turned to Anna, tipped his hat, and gave her a wink. Anna’s tongue was glowing uncontrollably, pulsating between the colors aquamarine and neon pink.

Anna knew that it would just be a matter of time before experiencing hot anal sex with her sexy cowboy.

 She walked over to her stud, wearing cobalt blue cowboy boots that complimented her long tan legs. She had on a short white dress, completely backless, together with a deep neckline plunge that stopped just above her pierced belly button. Anna laid her palm onto his shoulder and gripped on, as a result creating a bulge in his tight little Levi’s jeans.  After she whispered into his ear and his eyes lit up with intrigue. The three set off to the hotel, where the adventures would begin.

Anna had Joe sit on the bed while she undressed the cowboy.

He stood there, a perfect specimen, almost as beautiful as Anna. Her dress fell to the floor and she was completely naked except for her boots. Her tongue slid down to her belly button. Surprisingly, The cowboy was scared, nevertheless, he couldn’t help but wonder what hot sex adventures were to come. Her tongue slid around his cock like a snake strangling prey. A perfect neon coil, spiraling around his huge throbbing cock. She released only to open the tip of her tongue, absorbing the cock inside of it. Sucking hard, her pink saliva was dripping down the cowboy’s cock. He came so hard he fainted.

When he awoke, he was strapped to the bed face down with his legs spread apart.

He felt Anna’s tongue sliding up his legs.  Finally, she made her way to his tight little ass, shortly she was pumping her tongue inside him. As expected, Anna’s hot anal sex was a feeling better than any cock could give. Right as he was about to cum again, her tongue shot a load of all the cum she had saved across the country. In addition, filling his little asshole, and pouring all over the hotel bed. The cowboy laid there in awe of what had just happened. Anna looked at Joe.

This was the moment they had been waiting for.

She had lassoed her cowboy and now it was Joe’s turn to finish the job. He got onto the bed and spread the cowboy’s ass apart. Subsequently, Joe had enough dessert to last him some time. Finally, he had his cross country cream pie cowboy and he was good until the last drop.

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