RECENT kinky kingdom stories

Sorority Scissor Sister

Sorority Scissor Sister: My College Secret Spilled and Explained

Sorority Scissor Sister. Freshman year started off with a bang. The night was Se...

Milf Next Door

Milf Next Door: What’s that you say, Mrs. Robinson?

Milf next door. That wouldn’t be the kindest way to describe her I guess. ...

Fuck Me Sideways

Fuck Me Sideways: Casting America’s Next Top Circus Freak!

 Fuck Me Sideways has a slot to fill! Do you enjoy being on camera? If so, Fuck...

Mommy Knows Best

Mommy Knows Best: A Hands-on Approach to Rearing

“Mommy Knows Best!” My son would shout. “That’s right my love, you angel...

Life's A Gamble

Life’s A Gamble: My Extended Stay in Las Vegas Part Three

“Life’s a Gamble.” Mama always told me that. She was the reason I lived as...

Room for Two

Room for Two: My Extended Stay in Las Vegas Part Deux

“Room for Two, Please.” Ray said to the clerk, after making it to our new ho...

stranded young hitchiker

Stranded Young Hitchhiker: My Extended Stay in Las Vegas Part One

“Stranded young hitchhiker” He said with a smirk while glancing over at ...

Taste My Love

Taste My Love: A Story of Lovers in the Shadows, Part Two

“Taste My love.” The words I whispered as she leaned into my body with her c...

Take My Life

Take My Life: A Story of Lovers in the Shadows, Part One

Take My Life. Assuming you’ve read the title, you may be thinking this is goin...

Beauty School Dropout

Beauty School Dropout: The Newest Hooker on the Block

Beauty School Dropout Laying down in bed while staring at the ceiling, I was wea...

Oh Dearest Brother

Oh, Dearest Brother, You’re Growing up so Fast! A Story of Family Pains

Oh, dearest brother. You can’t see me, but I’m watching you. It seems like y...

Suck My Kiss

Suck My Kiss: Foreplay for Note Taking, Gentleman.

Suck my kiss. No, I’m not referring to the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s song, but ...

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