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Oral Sex Confessions

Oral Sex Confessions Chapter 2: Home from College

Oral sex confessions Chapter 2 Oral sex confessions Chapter 1: The Boys Next Doo...

In the sky

In the Sky, Bright Colors Lie: Losing my Virginity on America’s Birthday

Explosions in the sky. The Fourth of July has always been a holiday I hold close...

Back Door Sally

Back Door Sally: Save The Best for The Back Part One

Back Door Sally. There is always that girl in town who just knows how to have a ...

The Last Drop

Good to The Last Drop: The Real Inspiration Behind Squirt Soda

Good to the last drop. That’s what we say when we drink our favorite bever...

The Acid Trip

The Acid Trip: The Magic Carpet Ride Orgy Spectacular.

The Acid Trip. Steve woke up Wednesday morning, opening his eyes only to notice ...

Multiply and Divide

Multiply and Divide: Invasion of the Pussy Snatchers Part 2

Multiply and Divide. The flowers clearly had a mind of their own. They had taken...

Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood: Hey Big Bad Wolf, Guess Who’s Not So Little now?

Red Riding Hood… Deceived and trapped by Mr. big bad Wolf, she almost didn...

Who Goes Next

Who Goes Next? Riding in Carpools with Boys, A True Story, Part Two

Who goes next? I said as Kurt Fontaine managed to skip the line. Kurt was sexy, ...

Back Seat Lover

Back Seat Lover: Riding in Carpools With Boys. A True Story.

Back seat lover? Back seat lover was a name I picked up in school. I wasn’...

A family affair

A Family Affair: Home is Where the Hard On is! Amen!

A Family Affair I was raised to keep family first.  A Family Affair can mean di...

Fragrant Pink Flowers

Fragrant Pink Flowers: Invasion of the Pussy Snatchers Part 1

Fragrant pink flowers began to appear everywhere. They sprung up along the board...

Inside Courtney Kisses

Inside Courtney Kisses: The Inner Workings of One Busty Blonde

Inside Courtney Kisses After watching the Two For One Busty Blondes debut, I set...

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