“Life’s a Gamble.”

Mama always told me that. She was the reason I lived as freely as I did. We all know my risks weren’t always the brightest, but then again, I would have never met Ray. “Life’s a gamble, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but it’s the risk that makes it so thrilling. Mama lived by her advice, and whether she won or lost, she was happy. Life’s a gamble all right, and lately, luck was on my side.

Ray and I were finally together, I mean really together.

We had our epic night a few weeks earlier. He was such a man, so strong and protective. I felt so safe with him, and so turned on. Gazing in his direction, I would feel a hot rush to my little one. I would cross my legs, worried my shorts would show just exactly how she was feeling. The feeling was mutual. I’m sure he didn’t mind I was 20 years younger than he was. I loved feeling his hand on the back of my neck. He would whisper,“There’s nothing softer than this” as he slid his finger down my skin.

We couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

Finishing a meal wasn’t even an option with us. One lingering glance would send us to the nearest hotel room at whatever casino we were in. Although we were still a room for two, we gladly shared a bed, it could be a twin for all we cared. We didn’t spend much time laying side by side if you get the gist. Life’s a gamble with love, and we had hit the jackpot. We were rich with lust. I thought nothing could stop this winning streak we were on.

On this particular night, he seemed off.

He couldn’t look me straight in the eye during dinner. I thought for sure we were through. The waiter came with the bill. As Ray opened it he squinted and said “ I don’t have my glasses, can tell me how much it is?” I grabbed the check and inside the pocket sat the most beautiful little diamond ring I had ever laid my eyes upon. I was so stunned I didn’t notice he was kneeling beside me. He didn’t have to say a word before I threw my arms around him.

A midnight chapel fit our script.

In true Vegas style, Elvis united us at the tiniest wedding I had ever attended. It was just me, my love, and the king of rock n roll. We ran out to the sidewalk to celebrate our love. He popped a bottle of champagne and we slurped the bubbles between kisses. I looked at him and said, “ We won, life’s a gamble and we won.” He hugged me so tightly and grabbed my hand to walk me down the strip. I pulled my hand out to point to our hotel for the night, when my ring flew off and rolled into the street.

He ran after it without looking.

I saw the lights shining on him and yelled “Ray wait!”

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