Eating family style.

You’re sitting at a Chinese restaurant with the family, tasting one dish, sharing another. This is what you imagine when I say those three little words. My family did things a little differently. We didn’t need to go out although we often did. Sometimes we would stay at home or even eat in the bedrooms! Mommy always knew how to feed us, and she never had to lift a finger or wash a dish. Mommy gave us all of her love with every meal. A delectable delight, mommy always had a nice warm beverage on her at all times. She wanted us strong and to have a big appetite when eating family style! She taught us right and I can only hope I raise my own as well as she did.

Eating family style was a tradition in our household.

It was passed down from generation to generation for centuries! Some things just never get old and to have a mommy who knows how to feed her kin is priceless.  Although we did it often, we always made sure Sunday was family time. We would go to church, clean the house, and lay down for mommy to feed the whole bunch. Clean sheets and fresh napkins for everyone, we were a proper bunch.  We knew how to share, and everybody had a turn to eat. Every meal was better than the last. Our meals growing in richness with every new member coming into the family.

I was the oldest, so I had seen the menu change.

Mommy always let me eat first, being the eldest and all. I would lay down between mommy’s legs and lick and lap and kiss my brother so he could have a tasty appetizer. Sliding in and out of her, I made sure to savor as much flavor as possible. Nothing finished mommy’s tasty meal off like a nice titty full of warm milk. It had such a nice sweet taste and filled your belly full! Watching my siblings take their turn was almost as enjoyable as the meal itself.  Seeing them truly eating family style was a bond no one could break.

As I developed, mommy put me in training.

I would lay down right beside her and let my siblings slide between my thighs. We started to have a little more fun as time went on. My brothers would slide inside me and fuck me senseless, only to have my sisters eat a new dish on the menu. Brother cream pie was definitely a household favorite. Finally, some cum took, and I got to add my own addition to the family. Titties soon filled with milk, my family was never to be thirsty! Mommy was happy our meals had another cook. Proud of her big girl, eating family style had never been so fun! She loved watching her life’s work passed down. Finally having all that hard labor pay off…

Got Milk? Remember Mommy Knows Best!

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