“Mommy Knows Best!”

My son would shout. “That’s right my love, you angel, you!” I would say, making it his daily reminder during bath time, who he loves most. My little man listened to everything mommy had to say. Yes, I’m a great mother, but there are a few ways to getting that little man to do as you wish. When they’re that age, they adore you no matter what, but when they start to get a little older, you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve, even though mommy knows best. This is why it’s so important to plant some seeds as they grow. Little antics coated with love make sure mommy is always first, no matter what. But’s that not all.

Giggles fade, and so does the attention.

As soon as I started to see him less impressed with mommy’s sweet stories and funny faces, I scrambled for a new approach. Mommy and son bath time soon turned into long showers alone. Locked doors, sticky socks, and computer viruses were part of the new routine. Was mommy even part of the picture anymore? I would wait for an opportunity to fix a button or a fly hair. Bursting at the seams to just hear once more “mommy knows best!” Had my little tiger forgotten all about his favorite lady? Mommy knows best and that is that! I needed to find a new way to remind him somehow.

He was walking out the door when I grabbed him.

“You don’t look so well. I think it’s no school today young man.” It was particularly cold that morning. I told him to head upstairs and I would bring him nice hot soup. It was a recipe I had perfected, especially on today’s menu. I had found some oxycontin tucked into the back of my husband’s dresser. After I crushed some up, I sprinkled generously while I slid that silver spoon into a swirl. I made my way upstairs and gave it to him as he laid watching tv in bed. “Thanks, mom.” He said, blowing on the hot steam as it was rising from mommy’s soup du jour.

Walking away smiling, I closed the door behind me.

After setting a timer for 30 minutes, I was attentively checking my watch while dreaming about having my little one back. I thought “this will do the trick, I’ll be the best mommy ever.” My timer went off, and I calmly walked down the hallway towards his bedroom. I knocked, but no answer. As I opened his door, I saw his arm hanging off the bed. I walked up to him, letting his hand slide between my legs. I felt him begin to grip my thigh as his eyes opened. “Mommy?’ he said in his euphoric state. I said “Are you feeling better baby? Mommy has a treat for you…”

I pulled off the covers.

As he looked up at me I began to untie my blue silk robe. His eyes brightened and I saw a smile I hadn’t seen in years. I crawled into bed with him. I laid at his side rubbing his chest and making my way down his trail. He was looking at my cleavage and swallowing hard. I fingered the waistband of his boxers, watching him grow with every graze or my touch. “Aren’t you glad I had you stay home from school today?” I said as I reached down for a nice grab.

“Mommy Knows Best!”

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