Oh, dearest brother.

You can’t see me, but I’m watching you. It seems like yesterday I was marking your height on your bedroom door. Now you tower over me, looking down at me with your big brown eyes that make me smile. You’re getting a little too old for our tickle fights, but that doesn’t seem to stop us. I love getting a few laughs in before you pin me down and stare into my eyes. I can feel your hot breath against my lips. You always seem to stop and storm off into your room right when it starts to get fun. I should follow you. Oh, dearest brother, I wonder what I will find.

I’m watching you again.

I can see through that little crack in the wall between our rooms. The one that Daddy never fixed. Nevertheless, I’m glad he didn’t. Your shirt is off and you’re down to your boxers. You place your headphones over that dark brown hair and close your eyes. I watch your hand while it starts to disappear under your sheets. Something in me wants to disrupt you, even though I want to watch more.

I go to your door and get on my knees.

Crawling in across your messy floor, I make my way to your bed.  I see your toes starting to curl…you must be enjoying yourself. Getting closer to you, I move my hands up the side of your bed. As expected, you grab me and start to yell. At first, I laugh and start to run away, letting you chase me. Oh, dearest brother, you’re falling right into my trap. You chase me down the hall and then the stairs. When you find me I’m by the front door trying to escape. Or am I?

You catch me.

You’ve thrown me on the couch. You’re really mad at me now. The look of complete frustration is written across your gorgeous face. I’m pinned down. I can feel your knees holding my legs open. In the meantime, you’re just panting and staring. What are you contemplating? I see you look at the door, particularly the lock. You’re staring at it. What are you afraid of? I look up at you and say…

“Mommy will be home soon.”

Looking back down at me you don’t whimper a word. Confused and upset, you start to pull down my little soft pink shorts. I feel your fingers slide in me and then into your mouth. You slide your hand around my neck and that’s when I really feel you. In one fast motion, I feel all of those years of teasing you. Pushing deep inside me, your lips begin to part, and little beads of sweat form on your perfect hairline. In total silence,  identically we move back and forth grinding against one another.

Mom will be home soon.

Oh, dearest brother, I can see you’re almost there. The front door opens coupled with Mom walking right past us. She says she’s making us lunch. We can’t seem to stop because we are so close. We look at each other and shout “Ok” in unison and you continue to penetrate me. You suck my kiss. Our eyes close and we soon move faster and faster and then I feel you come. We open our eyes and hear…

“Is it Mommy’s turn yet?”

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