Suck my kiss.

No, I’m not referring to the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s song, but to the art of foreplay. If you think of sex as a mind-blowing drug, think of kissing as being the gateway. Kissing the mouth of someone you are attracted to is after all, what gets your blood pumping. You meet a new person, watch their lips move with every word, and dive in to taste. The end game is always sex, but it’s so much more enjoyable if you take your time…and the girl will thank you for it in her own special way. So suck my kiss.

We love watching you want us.

There is nothing sexier than watching you be patient. We know you would blow at any moment if you had your way. Gentlemen, take it slow and suck my kiss. Let’s meet eye to eye while feeling the warmth of each other. I want to feel your arms run up mine while showing me your masculine grip. Your strong fingers should be combing through my silky hair as you nibble on my ear lobe. I will love feeling you get harder and harder as your cock swells from excitement, nevertheless, I’ll keep you on edge.

Be patient.

Firstly, suck my kiss and move your way down to kiss me a little deeper. Then, taste me in a new way. Feel my strong, smooth thighs as they are pressing against your face. Taste my wetness. You did that to me. You got me ready for you, however, keep going for it a bit. Let me feel the pre-cum on your cock as it drags across my calve while you’re eating me. I want to feel how I’m affecting you. Don’t worry, I’ll be tasting you soon.

Sit up against the headboard.

Watch me as I lift my hair and smile at you. I can’t wait to taste you. Pulsating in my hand as I stroke, likewise, It gets a kiss now. I look up at you as my mouth envelopes you…all the way. You feel yourself in my mouth, pushing deeper, yet gently into my throat. I suck you. You get close, but we’ve been patient for something else, haven’t we? I come out from between your legs and crawl up to lay with you. You taste my breasts as I hover over your lap. We watch while my nipples get hard from your warm saliva cooling from the fan.

I kiss your mouth.

You hold me as I ease down onto your cock. I feel you gripping me. You look down and watch yourself enter my pink little treat I’ve been saving for you. You’ve never been this hard. I’m glad I made us wait. You get so deep as my lips wrap around you tightly. You feel me contract, making you twitch as you continue. I think we’re almost there baby, don’t stop, let’s come together. You lay me on my back. We’re eye to eye again. Wild like erotic animal anonymity.

Yes… ahhhh…

That’s it!

Now kiss me

Do you enjoy the art of seduction? Maybe being on the edge?

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