Who goes next?

I said as Kurt Fontaine managed to skip the line. Kurt was sexy, but I was in the process of exploring and that meant I wasn’t a one-stop kind of girl. As you may remember from my last article, Back Seat Lover, the school carpooling program ended up being quite a delight. I earned myself a new nickname, one that made me wildly popular with the boys at school. With my popularity came boys fighting to sit in the backseat with me before school. I absolutely loved it. “Who goes next?”

I said as I saw Matty approach.

Matty was another one who shot up over the summer. He was tall with strong arms and very, very large…feet.  Who goes next should have been more like “who the fuck is this?” Is this the same guy who put gum in my hair? I mean, I would forgive anyone who looked like that, but It was damn hard to believe my eyes. He knew the scoop just like the rest of them. The carpool begins and the back seat duo, whoever that duo may be, goes on a ride of their own.

Who goes next?

Matty said, smiling at me. He knew very well that the only girl in that backseat rotation was me. Sweet and mellow, he was different than the other boys. He asked me if it bothered me that I was known as the school slut. I explained that while all girls like for boys to go down on them, It just so happens that I  found a way for it to happen every day. I had not done anything to the boys, they were just happy to get a taste of adulthood on the way to school. It made the boys feel more confident while  I was getting to start my day off with a bang, well, not completely.

“Well, I won’t use you like that”

Matty said to me as I began to lift my sundress. “Oh, please, feel free to explore, that’s what this seat is for. ” I said, slightly irritated but still flattered.  He pulled my dress down covering my new pink cotton panties. Lifting his hands back up, he ran one through my hair. He leaned in and started to kiss my cheek. “You’re so beautiful, I wouldn’t want to share you with anyone else, let alone use you in this moving car full of people.”

“Well if you don’t, I will”

I said as I slid to the floor of the wagon, turning to face his knees.  While sliding my hands up his legs, I began smiling, licking my lips. My fingers began to do a little walk up to his zipper, but my eyes told him everything he needed to know. He wanted to “save me” from public humiliation? I was about to show him how “used” I’ve been feeling. I pulled it out and went to town. It all happened pretty fast which was good because we were pulling up to school. I looked up and said ” Are you ok? Did I make you feel cheap? I never got to cum, but school was within sight. The back door opened and I figured the bleachers would do. I looked at the boys while getting out of the wagon and yelled “Who goes next?”

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