Back seat lover?

Back seat lover was a name I picked up in school. I wasn’t mad about it either. I actually felt a rush go through my body when a guy grabbed me in the hall and whispered it in my ear. Most girls my age would have cried and run to the nearest bathroom. I, on the other hand, wore it like a badge of honor. Did I mention the name fit the game? Oh, yes. The rumors about me were completely true, and I loved hearing every single one of them.

The back seat lover has a nice ring to it, right?

Let me explain how a received this lovely little pet name. It started freshman year. My parents signed up for a new carpool program to help low-income families and save the environment, and blah blah blah.  Naturally, I hated the idea. The last thing I wanted to do was spend more time with these nerds I had grown up with all my life. Wasn’t it enough punishment to have to go to school in the first place? Ironically enough, these boys weren’t so nerdy anymore, I soon found out. I had filled out years before, and I guess they were finally catching up.

My parents drove an old Station Wagon.

Not familiar with the car? It has two seats in the front, three in the middle, and two in the back that faced the road behind you. On the first day of school, my mom asked me to sit in the back so she could socialize with the boys.  I hopped in through the trunk and buckled in. I knew we had a full load so I waited patiently for the last passenger. Up walked Kurt Fontaine. I hadn’t seen him since before the summer. His jeans looked much…tighter, one could say. I saw him standing there and placed my hand on the leather and said “Back seat, lover?”

I said it jokingly, of course.

Back seat lover eh? He responded smoothly, now giving me my new name. We spent many summers playing in the basement while going through my dad’s nudey magazines. We were always shocked and interested in what we saw, but nothing had quite developed for him just quite yet. Seeing him again brought all these memories back, and made me smile at him longingly. As he sat down next to me, I felt my breasts begin to poke through my new blouse. Embarrassed as ever, I started to cover up.

He grabbed my hand, placing it on his leg.

I saw something poking through his pants. I looked at him smiling and said “Twins.” As I once again grabbed to cover my nipples with my other hand. My mom started the car and we took off. We had 15 minutes for the drive to school. Kurt didn’t waste one second. He got down to his knees, spreading open my legs. I felt him reach up the new pink mini skirt I got at the mall the week before. He pulled down my panties while my head began to roll back. I stared at the ceiling of the station wagon and wondered who would be my back seat lover on the way home.

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