Oral sex confessions, the beginning.

It all started with a game of hide-and-seek.  Generally, It was just the three boys and me next-door.  It started as innocent as any other day. We were running around, being wild as ever as you are at that age.  It was my turn, and I decided to slide into the closet. The oldest of the three boys found me and came into my hiding spot; I thought for sure I was had!  But, much to my surprise, he came in the closet and put his hand over my mouth. This was the first of many stories, eventually leading to my oral sex confessions.

I was initially concerned, but surprisingly he took his hand off me and said, “don’t say anything .”

Suddenly, he dropped to his knees and lifted my dress over my head. He pulled my panties down, and out of nowhere, I felt his warm tongue sliding up and down my pussy. It was unlike anything I had ever known. I started to hold his head and thrust into his face, uncontrollably. I looked up, and then it happened. It was like an explosion-  All my young cum went sliding into his mouth.  He came back up and wiped his mouth with his shirt.  He said, “never tell anybody about this.”  He walked out of the closet and continued to play the game as if I had never been caught. I stayed in the closet for what seemed like forever.

I was going back-and-forth in my head of what had just happened.

Never had I experienced such an insane sensation! Finally, the day went by, and the sun went down. Later, the boys were long gone, and it was time for bed.  As I was trying to sleep that night, all I could think about was that feeling.  I  laid in bed in my pajamas, just staring over at my closet in the dark. Starting to get flashes of what had happened,  I slid my hand down my shorts and started exploring with my fingers. I started rubbing myself, creating wetness, comparatively to the Oldest’s tongue.

After time passed, I developed a rhythm.

I started rubbing and staring at the closet. Rinse and repeat. I couldn’t stop until I had it again.  Closing my eyes, I pictured my hands sliding behind his head, touching his soft hair. Mmm, I thought of his head rocking back and forth faster and faster. I thought of how he gave me this amazing gift. I pictured it over and over until…Fireworks! All I could think about was who would be next. Particularly, who would be the second chapter in my oral sex confessions?

The following day, I went next door to play.

Their house was huge. All I could think about was there must have been a hundred places to hide.  The oldest brother was flipping through some comic titled Alien Sex Slave.  Accordingly, I  ignored him as I  went into the pool.  I was swimming, but mostly staying close to the ledge. As I moved by, I felt a jet of water gently shoot against my back. I climbed a little higher and just wayed there in the water as this strong stream drove into my clit. The feelings from yesterday were all coming back. It felt amazing, but it just wasn’t the same.  I looked at the youngest brother who just dipped in. As he swam closer to me, I whispered, “Do you want to play a game?”


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