“Taste My love.”

The words I whispered as she leaned into my body with her cold skin. Her hair still electric and with a mind of its own, encapsulated the two of us slowly yet, magnificently. She was so beautiful. Her eyes glowed, allowing some light to her face, the face I fell in love with instantly. Her lips pressed against mine and I said once again “taste my love.” We laid there in the darkness, gripping each other tightly. We were bound together for now.

Her eyes began to fade.

Suddenly, we floated above the bed as she laid on my chest. A hole appeared in the ceiling and soon lights of all colors flooded the space surrounding us. It was as if somehow she brought the aurora borealis to my bedroom. The light moved slowly like her hair, suspended in the air, making me want her more with every moment. I strained to let my lips meet hers. The gravity was so strong.

“Taste my love.”

She smiled as we gravitated towards the open ceiling. We shot higher and higher into the night sky while watching the city dazzle around us. The cold winter air didn’t affect us. It was as if we were in some sort of invisible cocoon, taking us higher and higher. The city lights began to fade as we started to peek above the clouds. The moonlight shined brightly against her pale skin. Her head came back and exposed her sharp little teeth that would change my life as I knew it.

“Taste my love, I want you more than anything.”

She leaned in and said, “Nothing’s going to hurt you, baby, nothing’s going to take you from my side.” My eyes began to tear as I felt her fangs pierce my flesh. My eyes once watering began to dry, as I watched the blood, stream down my chest, staining the skins of both our bodies. She came up and stared at me. She watched the droplets of blood drip onto the clouds like pink cotton candy. We began to descend back down to earth. The lower we went, the weaker I began to feel.

But for the first time, I was happy.

I wasn’t sure what any of it meant. All I knew was that this exquisite creature chose me. She wanted me by her side, even if it was for a short while. I knew I was dying. Nevertheless, I was happy flashing through a lifetime of memories that never happened with her. Our life together, traveling, getting married. I even saw her give birth to our child. I knew I was probably hallucinating, but it didn’t matter.

She was all that mattered.

As we finally made it to my bed, my eyes became heavy.
I watched her look at me. “I love you,” I said. She smiled and grabbed both of my hands. I smiled back as my breathing slowed. I felt her fingers run across my cheek as I said my last words “Take my Life.”

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