Take My Life.

Assuming you’ve read the title, you may be thinking this is going to be very dark. I’m here to tell you that while it is dark, this darkness is illuminating. My name is Max, and this story is about the night my life changed or ended, I should say.  I take my life one day at a time because I’ve always known deep down something extraordinary would happen. I don’t mean becoming rich or famous. What I mean is I knew something unexplainable would occur, something that would change me forever.

It was midnight.

My bedroom was hot, and my thoughts were keeping my eyes glued to the ceiling. The sort of exhaustion that can cause delusion and bring on nightmares, if I could ever get to sleep. After three hours my back was sinking into the bed. I had quickly run out of options while searching for a comfortable position. My breath was erratic and choppy. I had an aching feeling I couldn’t shake. A sort of dread was looming over me, but life was fine. Boring, but fine.

A wave of calmness washed over me.

I didn’t question it, but still, my eyes remained open. I felt like I was fading, but my eyelids didn’t follow along. My sense of distance became obscured and I felt like the ceiling was inches from my face. Taking in a deep breath, the most enchanting smell drove into my airways. It was as if jasmines were blooming all around me. My hands slid off my stomach but didn’t hit the mattress. They fell to my sides and I realized I was floating.

I could see the moonlight moving in.

Or rather I was moving towards my window. Having no choice because I couldn’t fight it, but it didn’t matter. I didn’t want to fight it. My mind invited in whatever may come. The thought “Take my life” came to my mind, and it kept me calm. It didn’t even make me wince. I knew I was going to give my life that night, and with that thought, a feeling of contentment came to me as I’ve never experienced.

My body started to lower.

Shortly after, I slowly shifted ninety degrees. My first sight was those eyes. Piercing brown eyes glittered with yellow. Likewise, her hair was long and like dark oak soaking in the sunlight. She was so still, yet radiating. I couldn’t hear as much as a breath come through her lips. I only began to have flashes of what was to come. My feet had yet to touch the floor, danced a little in mid-air as excitement rushed in. She was a perfect porcelain creature.

“Take my Life,”  I whispered to her.

She began to rise over me. Her tight burgundy corset began to untie itself, along with her long black lace skirt. She gravitated there, naked, and without a single flaw. I felt myself sinking back into my bed, where she soon joined me. Hovering above, her hair was like electricity. I felt like I was watching her move towards me underwater, with her locks floating loosely above. She started to gravitate towards me, and I finally felt her cold skin press against mine.

“Take my life.”

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