Sorority Scissor Sister.

Freshman year started off with a bang. The night was September 17th. This would be my first college party, a frat party nonetheless. I wore my cutest mini dress and wedges, let the girls show, and headed off to the freshman party that would mold my years to come in college. I was dying to impress the boys, but more importantly, I needed to impress the sorority girls. It was my lifelong dream to be a sister and it was time to see who would take me in. I saw Jenna as I walked up to the door of the fraternity house. She was so cool and stunning. Bouncy blonde hair and tits to match.  She smiled at me with her juicy pink lips and pearly whites, and I was speechless.

Hi, I’m Jenna”

She said, slowly offering her hand to shake while simultaneously blowing bubble gum. “I…” I couldn’t speak! Why did she want to know me? One thing to know about me is that I was new to the social scene. I was very studious and quite the bookworm in high school, my high school being at home that is.  Being homeschooled since the start left me a little awkward. I grew up with five brothers who for some reason were allowed the freedom of public school and the many hangouts after. My parents were protective to say the least, given I was the only girl. Mommy knows best I guess. I relied heavily on magazines for style, especially the summer before college. I just didn’t know I would be trying to impress a sorority scissor sister for the wrong reasons.

“I’m a sorority scissor sister”

Jenna said while twirling her golden locks. “Come again? I said, unsure if I heard her correctly. “Well, no one is cumming just yet silly. I’m a sorority scissor sister.  We’re the lesbian sorority.” She said, laughing with that smile thereupon making me need to cross my legs. “Oh, that’s a cute name!” I said, immediately feeling my social awkwardness completely unveil. Nevertheless, Jenna didn’t care, she just liked me. She grabbed my hand and we quickly began our journey through the party. We were there for hours and she never left my side. After consuming more drinks than I had in a lifetime, I decided to spill some unnecessary information. “Jenna, I think you should know, well…I’m not gay.”

She laughed while leaning in to kiss me.

First, my eyes seemed to widen. After our lips unlocked, I couldn’t remember how to open them. I was so nervous that she hated it, I started to open them again just to see her pretty face. As I opened them I started to feel her fingers slide underneath my mini dress. What was I doing? I thought to myself. On one hand, this is amazing, and on the other hand, was it a mistake? She took me up the stairs and laid me down in the cleanest room we could find. Lifting my dress, she whispered, “Are you enjoying your night so far with this sorority scissor sister?”

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