Polygamist Sex Goddess is a name I’m proud of.

What is sexier than having multiple partners who absolutely worship you? The answer is having multiple partners that fuck you at your beck and call. Usually, the term pillow princess is used in a way to describe laziness. In my case, it’s a strength. Since my early 20’s I started developing relationships with both men and women. I started to realize I had something in me that was irresistible to both genders. This is my story of becoming a polygamist sex goddess.

I have always been given a lot of attention.

In school, my teachers were extra kind. My bosses always gave me the best schedules as an adult. My friends all thought of me as their “best friend.” I went to the doctor one day. I was getting a regular checkup when my doctor suddenly said” You have a unique scent.” I knew it was a compliment after looking up at the sexy grin on his face. He decided to run some tests. A week later I was told to come back in. I sat in the chair in his office and gazed around when he came back in with my results.

“You have overactive pheromones.”

“What does that mean?” I said slightly worried. He walked closer and placed his hand on my thigh. “Have you ever noticed people treating you kinder than others? Even animals giving you a stronger liking than most humans?” he said as he slid his hand higher up my thigh. “Well, now that you mention it, yes I have. I thought it was just my personality!” I exclaimed. Reaching  down to grab his hand, he looked down at me and said, “Why don’t you just lay back and relax while I take a look at a few things.”

His head disappeared under my skirt.

I felt my panties slide down and a warm wet tongue slide inside of me. I started to move my hips when he stopped me. “You don’t need to do any work; I want to worship this pussy.” I closed my eyes and realized how much power I actually had over people. After he cleaned me up, I walked to grab some coffee at a local café. Finally, when I went to pay for my Latte, a tall handsome man in a business suit offered to pay for my coffee. We chatted, had a great time, and he called me back that night. He was in love. Soon after, we became official.

Then I met someone else.

I met a woman this time. She was beautiful and blonde, and I knew I had to introduce her to my boyfriend. We all had dinner at my place. He cooked, she cleaned, and they both catered to my every need. I went to lay on my big sofa when she came and sat by my feet. I laid there relaxed when I noticed her gorgeous face moving towards my panties. Similarly like with the doctor, getting a licking up and down. My boyfriend came and started to slide his cock inside me while she sucked on my clit. The feeling was complete bliss. They didn’t do anything with each other. They only wanted to please me.

As the months went by, my lovers grew in quantities.

I got my Doctor to extract my pheromones and place them into small vials. My lovers carried them to high-end night clubs and gatherings where the beautiful people typically meet. I stayed home and watched my life unfold in front of me. I was truly a polygamist sex goddess and there was no stopping me. My lovers did all the work to get more lovers. They buy me properties all over the world where I’m pampered all day long. I don’t touch or suck. In addition, I only watch as they get themselves off to me. Sometimes I’ll let them all lick me at once. In addition, only allowing the biggest cocks to enter. I’m absolutely Crazy For BBC

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