I wasn’t always crazy for BBC.

My husband was gentle, polite, and worshiped me. He was the perfect fit…well, almost. I was content until the night we went to a local bar. Being a little tipsy, my husband kept having to adjust my outfit from showing everything. I rushed to the restroom to pull myself together when I saw him. I looked up and saw this black statue of a man, cock glistening in mid-stream. My jaw eased open as if it were an invitation, knowing right then I was crazy for BBC.

I went back to the bar a bigger mess than when I left.

I was still disheveled and beet red to top it off. My cheeks were flushed, my thighs were tingling, and my nipples hard. When I sat on my barstool, I felt my panties glide under me because if how wet my pussy was. I stood up, embarrassed, and saw the wet mark from my panties soaked into the unfinished wood of my chair. “I’m crazy for BBC,” I said to myself. My husband asked, “everything ok?” and I said, “let’s order another round.”

Five rounds later.

Having the tolerance of a young teen, my husband was loose, with a mindset I could easily permeate. “Have you ever thought about having a threesome,” I said. “Of course, but I wouldn’t want to dampen our love.” He said. “Dampen.” I thought to myself and looked down between my legs and smiled. “let’s grab the bill.” I said. I quickly turned around to “use the little girl’s room.”

We arrived at our house.

My cell rang and I answered. “Yes, the house on the left.” My husband confused said “who are you talking to?” I paused and looked out the window” I invited someone for that thing we were talking about earlier.” “I thought that was just a discussion! Well, what does she look like?” He said. I looked around the room trying to figure out what I had just done.

“Um…Tall? I whispered.

A loud knock came to the door.
Light as a feather, I moved effortlessly towards the entrance. Nervous, yet excited, and ready to stop being crazy for BBC and just have it already. I opened the door to this black, shimmering creature. I invited him into our living room. My husband drunk, but now alert, looked so startled I wondered if I made the right decision. “Can I help you?” said my husband. “Honey, I invited him,” I said as I looked at my husband avoiding his eyes. “What is this?” He said as he stood up and made a b-line towards our guest. Without saying any more words I grabbed both of their hands and sat them on the couch with me. I kissed my husband and then our guest, and began to undress. My husband though confused, went along with it better than I could have imagined.

His ebony cock was massive.

I started fucking my husband, but our guest had the spotlight. I thought my husband would be upset but he sat on the chair next to the bed and just stared. He wasn’t looking at me at all. He was mesmerized by this colossal cock, sitting there, masturbating the entire night. When our guest and I had finished, we walked up to my husband’s chair. He was still sitting there like a spell had been cast. He couldn’t move and all he could do was grunt and point. As our guest began to leave, my husband started to cry, still not making any real words.

The next morning, I found myself laid on the floor next to his chair.

I got up and started shaking him .”What is wrong with you?” I exclaimed. He pointed to a picture. It was a drawing of a big black cock. I looked around the room, terrified. He had drawn it hundreds of times. They were everywhere! It was on the walls, the ceiling, and even his own body. He was crazy for BBC! I opened my phone book and picked up my phone and started dialing. It rang and rang until finally “Pleasant Meadows Rehabilitation, Jane Speaking.”

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