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Gifting Hubby To Niece

Gifting Hubby To Niece – It’s Her 18th Birthday, Giving Her Total Control

My friend, Jackie loves using Kevin for her own pleasure. I loan him to her beca...

Hot Foot Fetish

Hot Foot Fetish Sex with My Seductive Married Neighbor

Tonight, I can’t seem to make myself look away from her. She’s sitti...

male mutual masturbation

Male Mutual Masturbation: I Made My Straight Friends Bi? ♕

Best friends share everything. Almost. Everything except male mutual masturbatio...

forced-bi fantasy

Forced-Bi Fantasy: Used and Filled for my Pleasure… and Yours ♕

I Have Found a Use for You: To Be My Forced-Bi Boy Toy Ya know something, you ar...

fag rape

Fag rape wasn’t part of the plan–A double blind date goes horrible wrong…for you! ♕

Fag rape on a date with fate Fag rape wasn’t exactly part of the equation ...

forced interracial sex

Forced interracial sex: Shut up and suck that big black cock

Forced interracial sex Oh come on you were already thinking about. I’m jus...

public sissy humiliation

Public Sissy Humiliation: Sissy Gets a Special Day Out ♕

My Sissy Meets a Special Friend at the Park and Experiences his First Real Bout ...


College Sex Games with Secret Domme Roommate Part 2 ♕

Kathy stood in the doorway, looking me up and down incredulously.  Picture this...

Casey Can tell you a hot forced bi story

Forced Bi Story; If You Want To Do Me You Have To Do Him First

I Was Supposed To Set Up A Forced Bi Story This guy I know at work has a thing f...

No Limits Forced Bi

It’s Time For Some No Limits Forced Bi Sex Tonight ♕

No limits forced bi surprise tonight! Lately, I’ve noticed the sort of no ...

cheating giantess wife

Cheating Giantess Wife Cuckolds Her Tiny Husband ♕

Why I Cheat… I have been cheating on my husband for a long time now. It’...

Sissy whore training

Sissy Whore Training: Walk talk and suck cock like a girl

Sissy whore training 101 Last week I told you about my cuckold sissy bitch broth...

Alices Sensual Revenge

Alice’s Sensual Revenge! Nights of Debauchery.

Alice’s Sensual Revenge! Nights of Debauchery. Alice’s sensual reven...

he Sex Crazed Manitou


The Sex Crazed Manitou And The Whore From Town. Talk about a sex crazed manitou!...

Twitter Sissy Exposure

Twitter Sissy Exposure – FinDom Showing the World Your Downfall

Have you always been so pathetic? As your Findom Mistress, I see what a sad litt...

Chocolate Truffles on a Table

Candy from Strangers; a Cautionary Tale on Halloween for Guys ♕

Candy from strangers is a no-no. Candy from strangers and the taking thereof is ...

lesbians fuck

Lesbians Fuck With Each Other in the Most Embarrassing Ways ♕

 Lesbians fuck with each other Lesbians fuck around all the time.  I don’t l...

First Time Pegging Him

First Time Pegging Him I know he will love it, He loves giving up control.

Then First Time Pegging Him Then I scoot back towards the end of the bed and kne...

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