I Was Supposed To Set Up A Forced Bi Story

This guy I know at work has a thing for me. He’s good looking and has made some suggestive comments to let me know he’s game. He actually came to a party I had a year ago and my friend met him. I should say my fuck buddy, and he’s bi. He is not heterosexual he is definitely bi. He liked his looks as well and wondered if there was any chance of a three-way. I said the guy is straight; I don’t see how I could convince him to play. So after a year of flirting and the occasional comment, he asked right out if I’d go out with him.I wondered if I could set up a forced bi story.

I Wanted To Make This Happen

I went out with him and it was fun, but I would not sleep with him just yet. He was going to be a part of a forced bi story. He just didn’t know it yet, lol.  And He asked me what it would take, he wanted me so badly. I asked him if remembered my friend from the party the year before, and he said only vaguely. I said if he wanted to fuck me, he was going to have to fuck my friend as well. He looked shocked and said no. I reminded him my friend was very attractive and he had asked about him several times. He ignored the comment and said he wanted to see me again the next night. I decided to put my plan into action.

My Plan Went Into Action

They both arrived separately. My bi fuck buddy was hiding in my closet, so my coworker didn’t know he was there. I was wearing some sexy new lingerie when I opened the door to them both. I knew they’d both like it. My coworker and I had a drink and chatted a few minutes before heading to the bedroom. We were making out heavily on the bed and I could feel his erection against my leg. I really turned him on. I asked him how badly he wanted to fuck me, and he said very badly. And  I asked him if he’d be willing to prove it. He asked how. That’s when my fuck buddy emerged from the closet.

My Coworker Was Stunned

My coworker looked stunned. I told him he’d have to get on his knees and suck cock if he wanted to fuck me. He looked reluctant, but I was firm. I pointed to my now exposed pussy and said, “If you want this, you’re going to have to suck that.” I said as I pointed at my fuck buddy’s now throbbing cock. He got on his knees and took the hard shaft in his hand. Wow was this going to be a cock sucking story?

This Was Hot

He gingerly licked the tip of it with a pained look on his face. I instructed him to open wide and take it in, and he then did so. My fuck buddy slid his cock right down his throat. He was deep throating it just so he could fuck me. This forced bi story wasn’t just a blow job though. He seemed to do a pretty good job at sucking. My fuck buddy told him now he wanted it up the ass.

My Pussy Would Be His Reward

He looked even more shocked, but once again I pointed to my pussy like a reward. My fuck buddy laid on the bed and put one leg up, granting access to his man pussy. I started to suck on his cock, swirling my tongue around the head and tasting his precum. My coworker knew what he had to do, so he slid his cock into that tight ass in front of him.

 I Swallowed  His Entire Load

He pumped away, fucking the first ass he’d ever had as I watched, mere inches away. My fuck buddy soon erupted in my mouth and I swallowed his load. He told my coworker he could pull out if he wanted to. He looked at me so hungrily. He’d gone through so much just to have me.

He told me to get on all fours and he popped the head of his still hard cock into my cunt opening. He slid into me and fucked me hard. I think he was a bit angry about what I’d made him do to get this pussy. He was taking it out on me accordingly. The whole bed shook from his powerful thrusts into me. He even began to spank my ass. My tits shook back and forth and soon he shot his load into me. At that, my fuck buddy got underneath me and licked the cum from my still dripping pussy. It was one forced bi story, I will never forget.

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