Why I Cheat…

I have been cheating on my husband for a long time now. It’s not because he is a bad husband, but because I am a proud size queen and I somehow ended up with the smallest cock around! I started fucking around early on into our marriage. I guess I had just become so intoxicated by my coworker’s big dick, that I let it get the best of me. One day, I just needed my fix so bad, I shrunk my husband down to the size of a paper clip and became the ultimate cheating giantess wife!

Big Dick Fix

I remember it like it was yesterday! I woke up feeling incredibly horny! My husband’s morning wood pitched the tiniest tent in our sheets and I knew that he wouldn’t be much help. What I needed was my coworker’s big dick to come satisfy me. However, it was the weekend and my husband didn’t have any plans to leave the house. I am not scared about blowing my cover. What I am worried about is that my coworker won’t be able to perform with my husband in the next room. So, I made the decision to use my special potion and shrink my husband.

Shrinking and Cuckolding My Husband

With my husband still asleep, I planned out the best way to cuckold him. I fastened a cock cage around his little cock and made sure not to wake him. Then, I went and made him a special cup of coffee and added in my shrinking potion. I woke him up softly and handed him the mug. Sip by sip, I waited for the magic. Then, I could see it starting to work. As my husband started to shrink into our sheets, he yelled out in confusion. Then, I picked up my tiny husband between my fingers and confessed that I am his cheating giantess wife. 

The Dick Appointment

Just then there was a knock at the door. My coworker had arrived at the perfect time. I quickly placed my husband between my toes and walked over to let my dick appointment inside. My husband watched from the ground as his cheating giantess wife kissed the man she works with. Things started to move quickly as I stripped off my coworker’s shirt and pulled him over to the couch. I got down on my knees and pulled out the big cock that I have been craving. In one quick motion, I plucked my tiny husband from between my toes and shoved him in my mouth. Then I pulled that big dick up to my lips and started to suck him off.

Hottest Blowjob EVER

I felt my husband squirming in my mouth, trying his best to avoid the massive cock. His little metal cock cage felt like a tongue ring and my coworker had no idea that there was a tiny man being cuckolded at that very moment. Then, I carefully and sneakily took my husband out of my mouth. As I was pulling my panties down, I shoved him inside of my pussy. He felt like a little vibrator as he shimmied his way inside of me.

The Ultimate Cheating Giantess Wife

Then, I hopped up on top of my coworker’s lap and started to press that big dick inside of me. I sat all the way down on his cock and started to grind back and forth. I was dripping down his dick and knew that I would have to cum fast or my husband would drown. Then, I pumped him deep and hard. I pulled myself off of the big cock and rubbed my clit until I had a pussy squirting orgasm! My little husband shot out of my pussy and onto the floor. I wrapped my toes around him and hid him from my coworker. When my coworker left, my husband grew back to normal height. His cock cage looked like it was going to explode. I guess he liked the way his cheating giantess wife cuckolded him.

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