I Have Found a Use for You: To Be My Forced-Bi Boy Toy

Ya know something, you are so completely pathetic.  You go to work and pretend that you are the big man, always in control, that you have a spine and a dick.  But you and I know better, don’t we?  We both know that you have a spine of a jellyfish and a dick of an amoeba. It’s why I keep you around as my forced-bi boy toy.

You know it’s true. You are completely useless as a real man. That no woman would touch your nearly-not-there dick, or put up with your useless ass. But out of the goodness of my heart (as well as being completely entertaining), I have found a few good uses for your pathetic existence. As well as that ass of yours, lol.

Yes, your pretty little ass fetches a pretty penny on the market; especially when I bring you to The Club to be used in some forced-bi play.  You are definitely very popular in the back room, loving to indulge in some sissy anal training with you. Oh yes, you have made quite a reputation for yourself for being one fine piece of faggot ass.

 You look so cute, collared, restrained, and displayed for any and all to use


I love seeing your eyes get all big and round in anticipation. That there’s no way you can get away from your fate. You whine and cry so pretty when you’re waiting nervously for some unknown assailant to come behind you, split your ass wide open with his mammoth-sized cock, another stuffing your face with his ramrod, spewing his hot jism down your throat.  All the while I make bank off of you. Did you know that I charge for a live feed as well? This way I get to share you with the masses, letting all see you get filled and fucked?

It’s quite amusing to watch you whimper and cry out loud, adding to the illusion of the forced-bi scene. But your cock gives you away, the way it twitches and springs to life. You crave the humiliation, the abuse, the degradation. Being used in such a manner lets you know exactly what your place is in the grand scheme of things, and it excites you.

Yes, I know that You Love a bit of Forced-Bi Play


That’s right. I know your deep secret. How you say that it’s all forced-bi, but the truth of the matter is, is that I give you the freedom to be who you truly are. I remind you with each cock what your uses are, how grateful you should be for allowing you to fulfill your true calling – and you are. With your head hung low, and your face a deep shade of red, you admit what a pathetic faggot you are – and you thank me.


Call my phone sex numbers and thank me for the privilege of being used in some dark, taboo phone sex!!


Your Free Sex Story & Forced-Bi Guru,

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke