Sissy Gets An Education As To What Sissy Anal Training TRULY Means

I’ve allowed you to see to your own “personal grooming” for a while now. Of course, when you were first informed that you were to remove all your offensive hair around your clit and surrounding area, you whined and cried about it. You didn’t realize that this was the first step in your sissy anal training.

You’d be surprised what a little “attitude adjustment therapy” can do to change one’s perspective. Especially one that includes a thick gag, a much-needed paddling, and much to your panicked surprise, a thick slathering of Ben Gay over said area whilst firmly restrained.

But now I think you’re ready for the next level – shaving will no longer be sufficient.  Time to introduce you to waxing.  And yes, I’m talking about getting your sissy fuck hole waxed clean and smooth as glass.

Your cries and whimpers fall on deaf ears, as you try and squirm against your restraints (reducing your ability to tuck your tail and run).  But all your hemming and hawing is for naught.  In the end, you’re smooth as a piglet’s ass. That’s when you think you can finally breathe a sigh of relief… Silly Sissy!! This is just the next step to your sissy anal training.

That’s when my girlfriends all come over to “assist” me.


We easily restrain you into position.  Doing so forces your legs into place. More importantly, the position leaves you splayed out for all to see your newly waxed pussy.   That’s when you notice what else I’m doing. You go wide-eyed at the enema bag I’m putting into position. I smile a wicked little smile when I see your eyes fixated on the bag. That’s when I inform you that it is used in preparation for your sissy anal training (anal training you think?).

I further explain that all sissy whores are cleaned as well as waxed. At the same time,  I proceed to insert the nozzle into your sissy cunt.  The enema itself isn’t so bad since I’ve insisted on them from time to time. You give in to the familiar sensation of the enema doing its work.

Once you’ve been unbound and allowed to expel the contents of your bowels, you notice that not just me, but all my friends are nude with the except for our panties. You take a moment to enjoy the view – a SECRET panty loving sissy your not, lol.

Ordinarily, this would be a sight you would enjoy.


Unfortunately this time, over the top of our panties we each are sporting a harness with varying sizes and girths of strap-on dildos. Realization washes over you. This is truly going to happen. I glance over at you with a wicked little smile growing across my face.

I take a moment to take in the sight before me, as well as all my lady friends. You bent and bound over the spanking bench, your freshly waxed and cleaned sissy pussy displayed wide and high for all to see… and use. You hear us discuss among ourselves how much we think you can take, and how you’ll respond to some possible forced-bi play, lol.


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