I Found myself a Secret Panty Loving Sissy and Forced that Inner Sissy Out

I simply adore coming across a panty-boy, teen panty sniffer, or even better, a panty loving sissy – especially one that tries to hide and deny!  Oh I know, you’ll deny that you’re a secret panty loving sissy like the rest of them. Most won’t admit it… unless coerced into it. Just like my friend. He recently got in touch with his feminine side.

You see, I caught him going through my clean panties in the laundry room. When I asked him what he was doing he begrudgingly admitted to me that he loved the way they felt and how silky they were. I could tell he was about to add to my mommy phone sex stories collection.

Little did he know I love to push limits, and I dared him to try on a pair of my panties. Saying no at first, I told him how good they felt against my skin and put a pair on in front of him.  I could tell he was getting turned on when he pulled his pants down and put on a pair of my lacey purple boy shorts.

His blushing face told one story, but his rock-hard cock told me another. Giggling, I decided to take it further and told him that if he let me dress him up, I’d give in and finally let him have sex with me.

He didn’t want to do it at first but finally gave in when I flashed him my perfect tits and saw his cock get harder –there was my secret panty loving sissy peeking out!!

I grabbed a matching bra, stockings, heels, and a sexy black dress from the closet and told him to put them on.  He grumbled but his cock told me how turned on he was.  Once dressed he looked in the mirror and I stood behind him and whispered in his ear what a hot fucking little sissy boy he was.

He quickly turned around and I grabbed his panty-clad balls. I ordered him to get on his knees.  Without delay, he did, and as he was told – good little sissy. As I spread my legs, I shoved his mouth onto my waiting clit, instructing him to hear my pussy. He started to worship it as I rocked back and forth against his face calling him my little bitch.  He whimpered and gasped as he played with his cock in my panties.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” I asked him.

He looked up at me and said, “Yes please Mistress.”

He was blushing as he said it and stood up. With his head bent down, he turned and lowered his chest against the top of my dresser. While he had his man-pussy on display for me, I grinned to myself, reveling in the fact that I turned my friend into my little bitch.

I grabbed my strap-on from the closet and snapped it firmly in place.

That’s when my whimpering little bitch started begging for it. I took his virginity as I started to fuck his tight little hole. I pulled his head back, forcing him the look in the mirror as I yelled at him to admit it.

“Admit that you’re my little bitch!” I yelled at him as I fucked him.

 Over and over I yelled at him, fucking him harder and harder. Until he screamed out that he was a dirty little sissy bitch and he belonged to me.  As he said it, he creamed in my panties and I knew he would always be my little secret panty loving sissy bitch. And I knew he would be as well.



So tell me, is your little dicklette hard and throbbing after reading my sex story? Panting for some hot phone sex? Jonesing for a bit of humiliation phone sex? It’s all for the taking – just give me a jingle and admit to me that you’re a secret panty loving sissy as well!!


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