How I Got to Blackmail a Teen Panty Sniffer

I always had my suspicions that my son’s friend was a bit of a panty lover, and probably a teen panty sniffer as well. You see, whenever he would come over I would notice how my panty drawer was a bit disheveled, out of place. Not only that, but I would notice how my hamper seemed to be rummaged through. And how a pair of my dirty panties always seemed to disappear from time to time, only to show up once again a couple of weeks later.

I decided to get to the bottom of things and get some proof, one way or the other.  So I went and got a couple of “Nanny Cams”. One was hidden in a teddy bear, placed strategically in my bedroom, and the other was hidden in a small clock which I placed on the shelf in my bathroom. I thought to myself, this has the potential of being a very filthy and dirty neighborhood MILF story.

I was now prepared for my little secret teen panty sniffer, but I wasn’t fully prepared as to what the nanny cam exposed.  As I stared at the monitor, I watched him as he ran his fingers through all my silky unmentionables, stopping once or twice, as if trying to decide on a specific pair.

Once he chose one, he caressed them almost reverently in his hands, seemingly lost in the sensation as he put them to his face, inhaling deeply.  I giggled to myself – I had the proof I was seeking.

Seems I’d caught my little teen panty sniffer red-handed.

He was then off to my bathroom. I switched the view to the second nanny cam and watched as he stuffed the one pair into the top band of his jeans and ripped them into my hamper.  He retrieved a pair of my dirty panties stained with my essence.

At first, he held them to his nose, taking in my musky scent, and then placed the crotch into his mouth for a taste of me. Hmm, so he was more than just at a panty sniffer… interesting, I thought to myself. Seems mommy phone sex could very well be on the table with this one.

My attention was once again fixated on the screen. I watched him give in to the mounting lust and desire my panties were generating within him. His hand instinctively went to his zipper, unleashing his raging hard-on. He began to stroke his pulsating cock with the clean pair he had previously chosen from my panty drawer.

It didn’t take him long to shoot his load into my once-clean panties and drop them into the hamper. He then buried the panties that were previously pressed against his face into his pocket.

Thoughts started to race through my mind; the wheels were turning at an alarming rate as I formulated my plan.  The opportunity was too sweet to pass up.

It seems I now would have my own little boy toy to play with. That or everyone will know what a little panty-stealing, panty-sniffing pervert he was.  I, of course, will present to him his options, allowing him to weigh his choices.  I’m confident that, in the end, he will see things my way.


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