Alice’s Sensual Revenge! Nights of Debauchery.

Alice’s sensual revenge! Nights of debauchery are finally here, and I’m here if you need a rabbit hole to dive into with me. I’ll take you to your pleasure zone and push your limits! So, you thought that Alice might overlook the intrusion of Wonderland by her arch-nemesis, Joey?  Let her just “Ride, Or Die, Chick” her way down Alice’s fucking hole?

Oh, Hell NO! Alice had been plotting and planning her sensual revenge on Joey since the day she left Wonderland. And now, Joey was cumming back. And this time, revenge would end their bitter rivalry. If she had to fuck her into submission, that’s exactly what the fuck she would do!  She gathered her lubes, strap-ons, and every fuck toy she had in her arsenal and prepared for Joey’s arrival.

Alices Revenge is Called out!

Of course, if Alice thought she’d be an easy lay, well, as usual, that bitch had another thing cumming!  So, her first thought was to somehow get Joey’s legs open so she could clamp down on that quivering little clit and suck it until Joey would pass out, then she would finger her pussy and ass while she suckled at her big tits. Then once she had her all compliant, she would mount her from behind, grasped her by the shoulder, and tear into that tight pussy and ass, alternating between the two.  And even though Joey speaks several languages, the one that Alice had planned for her,  was speaking in tongues! What else would cum from Alices sensual revenge? Perhaps, Peter’s Delight?

So, Joey rolled into Wonderland just shy of the witching hour and headed straight for Alices revenge. Why waste time toying with the food?  Joey was a hunter and Alice, her prey.  She scaled the walls of Alice’s fortress and made way for her quarters. She found the little slut exactly as she’d thought! Naked, and waiting. But, the tables were about to turn on poor little Alice. Would she never learn? LOL

Time for Alices Sensual Revenge!

Joey stalked the room and came up right behind Alice as she stroked her swollen cunt. Another reason why Alice could never rule Wonderland for the long-haul. No ability to multi-task! She was so caught up in pleasuring her box that she lost sight of the enemy. Again!  If it weren’t so sad, it might be laughable. Okay, it was laughable! What an ass.  And in the turning tables, there would be nothing sensual about it. Alice was bound, gagged, and strapped to a table in her own room before she could say, “What the fuck!” So much for Alices sensual revenge.

Joey fingered and sucked that tight little pussy of Alice’s, made her squirt and scream, and eventually led to her handing over the keys to Wonderland. Yes! You heard it right. So, she left Wonderland, with her tail between her legs and scurried back to the real world. There’s tell of her getting her own reality-type show on one of the cable networks. Figures. Always the opportunist! Good luck with that, Alice, and your revenge.

Just don’t ask Joey to guest star!

I Took Her Sensual Revenge Like a Pro! Moreover, if that little screaming bitch, Alice thought she’d get the better of our girl, Joey, she’d better get her own head out of the hole! Joey came with plans to take over and leave Alice, ass out! Call her and find out what the deal is on how the take-down went with sensual revenge if you’re into fetish phone sex. Giggle


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