When last we left off here in Neverland, Tiger Lily was fucking her way through those damnable Lost Boys…Seems they weren’t so lost when it came to good pussy and ass!  What? You’re once more surprised by the divergence from the “real story”? You really shouldn’t be by now…But, okay…here we go again…Let’s start with my title…Peter’s Delight…in Neverland…Not sure why it was so named…because just about EVERYTHING going on there suggests a name more along the lines of “ALWAYSLAND”. Haha If you want to get fucked and sucked any type of way imaginable…here’s where you need to cum!

Peter had just rescued Lily from the near death experience she endured at the hands of those dastardly pirates, but, she’d made it out alive.  She had attempted to jump Peter’s bones after he saved her and kissed him deeply in front of his woman, Wendy. So?  Lily had no way of knowing that her rescuer had a chick! She was overcum with joy at being safe and alive. So, she’d made an immediate enemy of Wendy. And from what Lily gathered, Wendy was a bit of a “head-case” anyway, so best to steer clear of her!

Wendy was a darling…in more ways than one! Her actual last name predisposed her to a life of lovemaking…Darling. Wendy Darling…Had a bit of a ring to it though, I must concede. LOL. Wendy would do almost anything to get and keep Peter’s attention. She never seemed to suspect Peter’s tendencies to “pinch hit” for BOTH TEAMS…How could anyone miss that?? 

Why didn’t anyone ever question why there were only Lost Boys, never and Lost Girls? Crazy that it never seems to cum up. Hmmmm.  Those boys and Peter did all manner of naughty things and they never had to seek shelter to do so. Everything was right out in the open…in public. EVERYTHING! But, I digress…

Wendy had a thing for Peter that wasn’t quite reciprocated, but she seemed oblivious to that small fact! She had decided to break his will by taking every man around him. Surely he could see how desirable she was, right? No. Not so much.  But, Peter, being a bit of a voyeur certainly never let her know it directly. What fun would that be? He just loved watching Wendy stretch that little pussy trying to get his attention.

She not so cleverly “arranged” to have gang-bangs and forced anal sessions with the pirates and immediately went for long bouts of cock sucking with the Boys. none of it really got Peter going…So, one night she decided to see why. What could Peter be doing with his long, island nights? She managed to stay awake until all the others had long since fallen asleep and then she crept…

She tip-toed down the hall of Peter’s house to his suite of rooms and saw the door standing slightly ajar.  She didn’t know why, but she had to take a peek before attempting to knock…Suddenly, Wendy knew exactly why Peter had spurned her advances…and why there were no girls to speak of on the island! He was getting his loving from the Lost Boys and Pirates and occasionally he found his way to some pussy; but, clearly his main focus was on dicks and ass, not pussies and tits!

Right then and there, Wendy decided, she could never give up on Peter, or trying to gain his affections. She instead gave over to her feelings of excitement in seeing him with men.  He was even MORE perfect than she had first thought! What woman couldn’t enjoy a man, or two in her bed? And better still, if she could have more than one AND get to see them in action together and ravaging her? Oh, HELL YEAH!

Since no one ages in Neverland…Wendy remains to this day, still sucking, fucking and being fucked by every man on the island.  I keep asking for the name to change to “AlwaysLand”, because every and ANY thing you could ever want sexually, you will get on the island.  I’ll be going to an orgy there later this summer. Want to join me?  Call me for the details and of course…the map! Giggle



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