sissy training

Many make the mistake of thinking, the sweet southern manners I speak with during Phone Sex calls, as me being weak-willed. I promise you; my voice is a powerful tool for my sissy training. My forced-bi blow job program is very effective, just one call, one step at a time. It goes like this…

“This is what you were born for, to suck COCK. When you were young, you sucked on your Mommy’s nipples. When you got older, you sucked on your pacifier. Then when you got even older, you sucked on popsicles and lollipops. And now, Now, you are ready to suck what you were born to suck: COCK, Big Hard COCK.” I say with my sweet southern accent.

“It’s so good to be a COCK slut. Those pretty lips were made to suck COCK, Big juicy COCK. You want to have that COCK fuck your face. Then, you want to have that COCK pound your cunt.” I say suddenly with a dominant demanding voice.

“You want to have that COCK erupt inside you. That’s right, you’re a good COCK sucker. You’re going to keep that COCK in your mouth for as long as you can Feel that cock tickling the back of your throat.”

“Oh God, you want his CUM, don’t you slut. You want his CUM sliding down your throat. Don’t you cocksucker. You want his CUM erupting onto your face. Don’t you bitch. You want a full load of his warm fresh cum, don’t you cocksucker. You want to catch that yummy load of CUM as it explodes out of him. Don’t you CUM bucket. You want his CUM so bad.

Say it slut, Say it, NOW! Say you want his CUM.” My southern voice is commanding as the sissy training continues.

You feel compelled to obey. “Good, now slap your face with his COCK. Watch while you suck his COCK. Beg him to have his COCK in your mouth. Sucking COCK is a privilege. Sucking COCK is an honor. Thank him for his COCK. Thank him for his CUM. You are now an official CUM slut.” I say sweetly.

Your balls were ready to erupt without even touching yourself.

“Now pull on your cock. Stroke your cock, when you come, I want you to catch it all in your hand.” I order in my sultry southern voice.

You agreed, desire to orgasm, to obey me, overriding the alarm bells that ring in your head.

“Get on your knees so you can jerk off and catch your own cum in your hand. On your knees, slut!” I demand.

“Suck that cock, savor that sweet taste. Let him fill your mouth. Swallow his full load. Make him happy. Cock makes you happy. Suck as many as you can. You’re just another cock sucking slut! Let him ram it down your throat. Let him fuck that slut mouth of yours. Beg for his cock. Beg for his cum!”

 I order, startling you. “Beg to cum,”

You are desperately close and didn’t hesitate as you begged, “Please let me come.”

“Please let me come, what?” I ask in my sweet voice.

“Mistress,” you quickly add, completely intoxicated by me. “Please let me come, Mistress.”

“And you’ll be my good boy?” I asked.

“Yessssss, Mistress,” You moaned, holding back from coming.

“My obedient, good boy?” I purr in your ear

“Yes, Mistress,” You weakly said.

“Come in your hand now, you fucking slut,” I order with complete command. And you do… instantly… grunting and shooting a big load into your hand.

“That’s it, slut, come for me, come like a little bitch,” I continued.

The name-calling was demeaning and yet, in the heat of the moment, it only added to the intense pleasure you are currently experiencing.

“Yes, Mistress,” you weakly groan, as you keep coming into your hand.

“Good boy,” I purr, shifting seamlessly from dominant to tender.

“Fuck, that is intense,” you said, as you look at the full load in your hand.

Then with my sweet southern voice, I say, “Now it is time to learn sissy cum clean up?”

sissy training
sissy training Forced Bi Blow Job

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