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I have this friend Jacob. An all Italian alpha male to his family and friends. But for me, he is a bisexual sissy cum clean up crew. When he comes to my place, he becomes my fuck toy. I ride his ass literally with my strap-ons.

I make his watch as men fuck me, helping make sure I cum. He will lick and suck my clit while the men fuck me. And as soon as they cum he sucks the men’s cocks clean.

Often back to life, getting his throat fucked as his face is slapped with their balls. While I hold his head in place so they can force every inch down making him choke and gag.

Only when the alpha men are done with his mouth, he then he can clean the cum from my pussy. Of course, that leaves my Alpha males standing around with a hard-on so they will force their cocks into my Jacobs ass.

Fucking him like the slut he is.

Till my pussy is all clean and ready. Jacob will clean his ass juices from the cock before my lover cum’s back with me.

And when there is a group of friends over. He will crawl around getting his ass fucked by the men, by women with dildos, strap-ons. All while sucking cocks and cleaning pussies. LOL, and of course Jacob himself is forced to cum over and over.

He also bought and tricked out a van. It is locked into a storage unit that only I can open. It has a sex swing inside. A kind of padded bench hanging from the roof. With a padded tiltable headrest and chains with padded stirrups and cuffs so I can lock him in.

Jacob loves when I blindfold him, lock him into the swing. Then take and drive around looking for men and women that want to fuck him or have him eat their cum.

sissy cum clean up
sissy cum clean up

You would be surprised how many teen football players have NO problem fucking and getting sucked off by a man. As long as they get to cum in someone they do not care.

And he loves when I take him where he can get fucked over and over, used as a cum dump for a group of men that use him like a slut. Hard, painful pleasure that makes him cum.

Of course, the entire time I make sure he is safe, and that he can feel my body. And how turned on I am by using his body as my sissy cum dump. I let him watch as I get fucked by the men while he is being used and abused like a $0.10 whore.

Jacob then eats every load out of cum out of me.

Which while he is being fucked, I will admit is awesome to feel his face between my legs and going up and down. It always makes me cum more intensely.

After one of our nights, he will clean the van sterilize it. And I take him back to where ever I picked him up from.

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sissy cum clean up
sissy cum clean up

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