Tonight, I can’t seem to make myself look away from her. She’s sitting on the edge of her bed, playing with herself. All I’ve been doing is working at my fetish phone sex job. Fuck, I’d give anything in the world to be in that room with her. Who would’ve guessed she would have the same hot foot fetish as me!? I see the flashes of light from her TV, knowing she’s watching porn as she fucks her pussy with her purple vibrating cock. One foot held up to her mouth while she sucked on her own toe.

I can’t handle it anymore; I have to go over there!

Quickly, I throw the covers off of me. I don’t even bother to put on anything other than my current sweatpants and sports bra. “Please don’t let her husband be home,” I think to myself, making my way to her back door, hoping not to be seen. “Should I knock? No, it’ll alert him if he is home. What do I do? I didn’t think this far ahead” Just as I was about to give up, something told me to try the doorknob. With a sudden click, the door opened! Nothing will keep me from obtaining my hot foot fetish today.

Slowly, I walk inside and shut the door behind me. I look around and don’t see her husband anywhere in sight. This is good news; maybe he’s not home. I make my way up their stairs with that knowledge, and I see the light coming from her bedroom. This is my chance; I can’t wait! I creak open the door, but it doesn’t seem to phase the gorgeous woman in front of me. She’s going hard at fucking her pussy, and sucking her big toe. Cautiously, I walk in and cough to make my presence known.

She’s so cute when she blushes like that. I wonder how much more I can make her blush.

Before I knew it, the toy had pushed out of her pussy from her cumming from being caught. Her expression changed from pure bliss to startled quickly. “Mia…W…What are you doing here?” She asks, confused, but I don’t get the vibe she wants me to leave. Then, I approach her with a wicked smirk on my face. “Tonight, I saw you through my window; I had no idea that you were into the same hot foot fetish as me” A flash of confusion hits her brow. Then, I pick up her foot and start sucking on her toes. I lick between each one, taking my time. Enjoying the feel of her soft skin on my tongue.

It didn’t take long for her to submit to me. She laid back on the bed as I played with, and licked her feet. Then I ran my fingers up her legs, lightly touching her naked skin. I brushed them over her pussy, just barely grazing over the top. Her hips bucked up into me, and she let out a moan. Not able to stand it, I bit my lip and pushed my fingers inside her wet pussy. “You’re going to be my foot fetish whore from now on.” The sound of this made her pussy throb around my fingers. “Cum for me, slut” I command, then immediately put her foot in my mouth.  In just an instant, she cums so hard it hurts my fingers but makes my pussy ache.

I can’t get enough of my hot foot fetish!

There’s just no helping it; in a manner of seconds, I’m on top of her on the bed,  Straddling her face with my pussy and ass. Facing toward her crotch, I lower myself down on her and feel her tongue play with my lips. Then, one of my feet finds its way to her pussy. I begin rubbing her clit with my big toe, making her hips buck up into me. Not too long later, I feel the throbbing inside my cunt, and I can tell she’s getting close too. “Cum with me, my foot slave” We both cum hard together, my pussy juices streaming down her face.

Mia Kinky Crew