My friend, Jackie loves using Kevin for her own pleasure. I loan him to her because she is single and lonely. She has to make him wear a cock sheath though. Now, I am gifting hubby to niece.

Of course, Jackie is not naive and knows what she needs from a man. That is why I love husband loaning Kevin to her. She knows he is not to get any pleasure from their sessions.

Additionally, she works him like a dog that thinks he will get a bone. However, that bone never happens. And, to make it worse, the cock cage is off for a lot of the session and he is NOT to cum.

Part of the fun of gifting hubby to niece is her young naivety.

He doesn’t know what is happening tonight. In fact, I wanted it to be a giant surprise. Our shemale friend, Rochelle is going with us to my sister’s. We have Kevin blindfolded because he knows the route to my family’s house.

When we arrive, we walk him into the house. Everyone is quiet so he doesn’t hear their voices. My niece, Becky takes his hand to walk him up to her parent’s room.

Additionally, it is there we will tell Kevin about gifting hubby to niece. Then, we will have our first session with Becky. She is so excited to see all we are going to do and include her parents tonight.

Everyone is tingling with excitement!

Becky pulls off the blindfold and Kevin is staring at us with confusion. I am laughing at him because he is wearing his pink bra and panty set. Also, he has the cock cage on.

His face is turning beet red as his eyes scan the room and he sees his sister-in-law, Julie, and brother-in-law, Jake. His eyes land on Rochelle and her huge breasts and bulging cock under her skirt.

Then, I start explaining the gifting hubby to niece for Kevin. It is Becky’s 18th birthday and he is her gift. She gets him for one whole month to do as she pleases. She will be his mistress.

At first, he is stunned, and then, I see fear in his eyes.

He is going to be under the control of an eighteen-year-old girl and all her friends. There is no telling what they will come up with or what their boyfriends will come up with!

Of course, those have been my thoughts all along. His life is going to be crazy for the next month. Sexy barely legal girls and boys teasing him and fucking all his holes.

Me gifting hubby to niece is going to be a blast for her and her buds but possibly a nightmare for Kevin. But, for tonight it is some cuck and shemale fun with my sis and her hubby.

Rochelle and I start kissing my brother-in-law and sister as our first gifting hubby to niece session starts.

My niece is rubbing Kevin’s leg to tease him as she plays with that pretty young pussy in front of him. Once we are all undressed, my sister and I start sucking Rochelle as she starts eating my sister’s pussy.

Becky commands Kevin to suck her dad’s cock. Kevin lets out a whimper and does as he is told. Everyone plays together and then, my Jake says he is ready to fuck Kevin.

We tell Kevin to position in doggie style. Becky takes off his cock cage. Rochelle shoves her dick in his mouth and Jake starts sliding his dick into his first man pussy.

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