My beautiful friend, Jackie, is a sweet woman. She is a bit overweight and that keeps her from dipping into the dating pool. So, I decided to offer her some husband loaning fun.

If you have read any of my blogs or chatted with me, you know I love the cuckold lifestyle. In fact, you can read forcing Bi BBC fun to learn more. I even mention loaning Kev to Jackie.

That is when it was starting. Jackie and I were chatting and she was telling me she was craving sex. She was using her toys but it wasn’t the same as a real man holding her.

That is when the husband loaning fun light bulb went off for me.

My husband has been in a cock cage for years. He was a bad boy and deserves all that he is getting now. Of course, you can hear all about it if you are curious,  during my GILF phone sex.

It is fun sharing all the things my friends and I do with Kev. In fact, he is to a point now, he just moans and obeys. Hahaha…I love making his life uncomfortable.

Although, some days I take pity on him and plan our cuck fun with things that will allow him to release a load or two. However, that is not the case with the husband loaning fun.

Oh, no, he is only there to make the lady happy.

That is why we invested in a cock sheath so she gets to have a nice big dick but he can’t cum. Sure, there are sheaths out there for the man’s pleasure but those are what I get for my hubby.

He is only here for the pleasure of others. Whether we are hosting our lady’s book club night or Karen just wants time to abuse him. All of those events are to please me and my friends, including my husband loaning fun.

Of course, when we have the big cock men over for the buck of our cuck, Kev gets to cum. He is only able to cum with cock now. So, when they are in him, and he has my panties over his nose, he shoots big loads.

It is always with an audience too.

Often, we film the fun for our viewing pleasure at a later date. Or, if I am feeling super saucy, I invite the neighbors over to see his lifestyle now. It is too fun watching their faces and his.

Currently, he and Jackie are having a session. She is also filming for me. Kev is there helping her feel special. I want her to feel a man wrapping his arms around her, kissing her body, and finally fucking her.

That is what he is doing during the husband loaning fun. He is wearing the cock sheath so that he doesn’t have fun. And, being near a woman and her giant tits will drive him mad. Being so close to fucking a woman and yet, not getting to climax. Brilliant!

The husband loaning fun is giving Jackie the attention she needs.

And, giving me the joy of watching him suffer while being there for her. He is literally in a pussy and unable to cum. Oh, it is just too fucking awesome! Additionally, we have it on video for him and me to watch together.

Of course, Karen will be there too. We will laugh and humiliate him. It is one of our favorite things to do!

If you want to laugh at him with me call me up and let’s have some fun!