The cuckold fun we have has is always changing. My tastes are growing in different directions as we have new playmates over. And, I am learning it is fun forcing bi BBC fun on the hubby.

At first, our cuckold experiences are just some sexy guys we are meeting at the clubs. Of course, I am new to this and not sure who I want to play with. Soon, I am adding in my hubby’s friends too.

Within no time at all, I see the value of cock training and Insanely Fun BBC Cuckold. At this point, it is like I am opening the flood gates for orgasms. Not just for me, but for all my friends too.

It is semi-public when forcing bi BBC fun on the hubby.

I realize it is much more humiliating for him to have a room full of sexy women watching him enjoy the BBC. My husband has always been a lady’s man and now he is bitch to the BBC.

So our “book club” involves all my girls coming over and helping me torture and tease him. It is a blast to share the fun with all my besties. Of course, Karen is deep in all his holes.

And, as a special treating, I love forcing bi BBC fun on him when we have our “book club.” To make it even more embarrassing, I invite Sissy Bill over too. That really drives the hubby over the edge.

He is beet red with embarrassment the entire time he is cumming.

Oh, yes, he is only allowed to cum with cock now. So, after some time of proper cock training, he shoots loads of cum with his holes full of hard dick. Whether he wants to or not. Hahaha.

It is quite the sight to behold and all of us love masturbating as he is begging them to fuck him. Of course, all the women in the room smell of arousal. At this point, forcing bi BBC fun on him isn’t too hard.

He is ready to bend over and take those big hard cocks. Honestly, he is begging for them. We are all laughing and making fun of him as he is moaning in pleasure.

God, I do love the cuckold lifestyle.

Of course, I love all fetish fun. During my GILF Phone Sex, I get all kinds of calls. Because I have no limits, I take all taboos when I am online. It makes things way more fun!

Lately, I am loaning “the hubby” out to a lonely friend of mine. He has to wear a sheath so he isn’t getting any enjoyment out of it! Of course, it isn’t forcing bi BBC fun but it is great torture for him.

She loves wearing him out and giving him no pleasure all at the same time. And, to keep me happy, she is filming it all so he and I can watch it at home and I can laugh all night long.

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