My husband has always considered himself a stud. Of course, his cock is less than adequate. He is one of those men in denial. It is amazing to me looking back at all the women he convinced to sleep with him. Insanely fun BBC cuckold never crossed his mind back then.

They all enjoyed being with a man that had good money and power at his job. He wined and dined them. Taking them to the nicest of restaurants and hotels. They partied big with all his friends and had amazing times.

All that fun made up for tiny pecker. The girls could tolerate his little dick because it came with all those benefits. And, his friends were keeping them satisfied at the parties during the orgies. Everyone was winning. 

It was time for some insanely fun BBC cuckold!

Then, my friend Karen came to me and told me all he was up to and the jig was up. After some serious conversation time, he had to make some big decisions. He knew he didn’t want to give up the life we had built and chose to do whatever it took.

That meant no more affairs, parties, or crazy orgies with hot young girls. What it did mean was me being in charge one hundred percent. Him being in chastity all the time and us living the cuckold lifestyle.

Our first interaction was simple with a guy I picked up at the club. My friends wanted in on the fun so we started a “book” club. Of course, we don’t read books, we torture my husband. The girls love teasing him and not letting him touch them.

I love seeing him craving and not getting pleasure. 

I learned about “cock training” and knew it was perfect for us. In time, things got more and more intense with the BBC coming into the picture. Of course, I loved choosing men that were happy to use my husband for their pleasure too. Hello insanely fun BBC cuckold.

It turns out the hubby can’t get enough dick either. At first, he would cry when they were using him for their fun. However, after some time, the old boy is so hooked on cock he cums harder with them than he ever did with pussy.

One of my favorite times was after I “accidentally” broke the key off in his cock cage. For months, he was stuck without any release from the cage. He was adamant that I couldn’t bring in a locksmith. 

Finally, he said yes and I called in the guy. 

When the guy came he was a BBC and couldn’t believe why we needed him. Of course, my husband was so grateful to be released from the cage, he gave our locksmith, Jake, an amazing blowjob. 

Then, Jake admitted he had bi-curious fantasies. We were his perfect opportunity for him to explore them. My hubby happily laid back on the bed like a little bitch and spread ‘em wide. Jake climbed on top of him and slid his dick inside. Oh, how I love insanely fun BBC cuckold sessions.

The two of them were practically making love and I was happily masturbating to the scene in front of me. As they came together, my husband let out months of pent up frustration and Jake got to experience his first bisexual session.

Of course, much more came after that. Curious to know how that key broke off? Lifetime Chastity Lockdown will explain that. 


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