My husband is a wanker. For so long he has been cheating with other women while working on the road. He is a provider and always looking after us and our needs. However, he let me down and it is embarrassing. Our friend Karen, who works for him, is the one that finally came to me with the truth. Now, he is facing a lifetime chastity lockdown to save our marriage.

Most of the neighbors know and have always known. Kevin plays golf and is close to a lot of husbands. They, of course, talk to their wives and spill the beans after hanging out with Kevin. I find it interesting none of them came to tell me. Even my neighbors that are hating me. You would think it would please them to hurt me.

He is not sure about this lifetime chastity lockdown but he doesn’t have a choice.

Karen is a friend to me and we enjoy so many of the same things. We lost touch after Jim had to change his job. She recently came to see me. Of course, she is disappointed we are still together. Well, she was until she sees him in his cock cage. Now, she understands I am in complete control over him and his sexual activity.

As a way of showing her, I invite her over to see our fun during a GILF accomplice cuckold session. During our session, we tease and deny him. I allow our granddaughters to come over and help. Now that they are grown, this is one of their favorite things to do with grandpa. Karen is confused and then excited to play.

Seeing him in the cage and butt plug is winning her over to our ways.

As Kevin and the girls are watching, I seduce Karen. Making out first and then moving on to munching on that pretty pussy. She is ready to enjoy our time and opens her legs willingly. Surprisingly, she wants a “69” and we do that. Together, we climax as they are our audience. Of course, Kevin is moaning sadly.

Fast forward to today. Karen and I spend a lot of time together and with Kevin. We host “book” parties with our girlfriends. Although, we aren’t reading books. Then, we also have lots of men over for our cuckold fun. This is making me even better at Cuckold Phone Sex!

Seeing him sweat and beg is too hot. He knows he doesn’t get any pussy now. He only cums with cocks. It is his fault that he chose to be a dick and now his dick is inactive. Of course, seeing all of us cumming together and having a blast is hard on him.

As it should be!

Today, Karen and I decide we want to make it more intense on Kevin. She and I are in black panties, bra, and thigh-high stockings. Kevin’s favorite. We call him into the bedroom and tell him to undress. I have him get on his knees and start licking our pussies through the panties. She and I are excited about his surprise.

As he is licking Karen, she is in my panties working my clit. I cum so hard and then reciprocate to her. Kevin is right there smelling our desire and juices. As we are happy and laughing he is suspicious of our joy. Of course, it is time to let him in on our surprise!

He isn’t going to enjoy this at all.

I have him stand up. Taking the key from around my neck, I go to unlock his cage. He thinks he is going to get some pussy. Hahahaha…not today baby. As I go to turn the key, I bend and break it off inside his cock cage. Oops, looks like it is really a lifetime chastity lockdown now, honey! He is practically in tears as we roar with laughter.

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