I have an interesting marriage. Kevin and I have been together for years. He is a traveling businessman. I am learning more and more about his years on the road and a woman in every city. Yes, my husband is a slut. Of course, he used to be a slut, now he is my GILF Accomplice Cuckold bitch.

My friend Karen is the one that outed Kevin to me. She is an old co-worker of his and it was breaking her heart. We haven’t been staying in touch as we should. She has been calling me and is very upset that he and I are still a couple. Instead of trying to explain how things are now and that I am in control, I am inviting her over to see it for herself. I am going to show her the fun that adds so much to my GILF Phone Sex sessions.

We are letting Karen into our GILF accomplice cuckold world.

I haven’t told Kevin either. It is going to be a big surprise for him and not a happy surprise. Additionally, I am going to have Karen and her uptight self play with us tonight. She has always been a bit of a prude, it is time we loosen up that woman. Therefore, tonight, I am putting her into my biggest strapon. Sure, she is going to fight it at first but when she feels that rush of controlling Kevin, she will be all in.

Karen and I are chatting and she is bitching me out for still being with Kevin. I am doing my best to explain I am in charge now. I am telling her how Kevin lives in a chastity cage and only cums when I give him permission. She is shocked to learn about our current arrangement and also finding it intriguing. Furthermore, that curiosity is growing the more I am telling her.

Initiating her in our playtime is going to be easy.

Finally, I ask her if she is open to playing with us. At first, she is nervous. I can tell she is dying with curiosity and bring in our young adult granddaughters. They are excited and giggling, ready for the granddad fun they love. We call Kevin in and I tell him to undress for us. Karen is still feeling confused, especially with the granddaughters there. I am explaining to her it is our Family Play Cuckold Fun.

Her facial expression is priceless as Kevin is down to nothing but his cock cage. She is staring right at his crotch. Finally, she looks at me with approval. The girls bring in the butt plug and our favorite girdle to keep it in place. We call it Gertie and it is part of Kevin’s daily nightmare.

Brianna, the oldest granddaughter, is quick to help Granddad into his gear.

He is bending over and I stop her to ask Karen if she wants the honor. Looking back and forth between us, she smiles and says, “Hell yes!” Kevin is whimpering as she struts over, grabs the plug, and shoves it deep inside his ass. Oh, this is going to be an epic GILF accomplice cuckold session. Then, the girls and Karen pull Gertie up to hold and push that butt plug up inside Kevin even further.

I ask Karen if she has ever been with a woman and she is telling me back in college. I can see her reminiscing and enjoying the memories so I lean in and kiss her. She is kissing me back as we go down on the couch making out. Soon, we are completely naked, exploring each other. The girls are watching and spanking Kevin at the same time.

Karen and I climax and I tell her it is time to rule over Kevin.

She chooses a strap on and Brianna puts on her favorite one. Lexi knows her part and quickly unlocks Kevin’s cock cage. She is the younger granddaughter and grandpa’s ally. I command him to get down on all fours as the girls get into position behind and in front of him. Brianna will face fuck grandpa and Karen gets to go into that ass nice and deep.-

T-his is one of the few times Kevin is allowed to cum. He is in full cock training and knows he only cums with cock inside him. Curious to know how it went with Karen and our GILF accomplice cuckold fun? Call me and we can laugh all night long with the details.

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