Kevin used to travel all the time and when he did, he was a whore. My husband has a woman in every city. He has those strong cheekbones and powerhouse attitude that wins over the ladies. When he is gone I am always wondering what he is up to and now, I have him in chastity so there are no liaisons for him. When he is home, the fun is mine with our Family Play Cuckold Fun!

It is my turn to enjoy fucking others and I am doing lots of it. Kevin is on lockdown and his pecker is rarely seeing the light of day. It is fucking awesome controlling when or if he is cumming. Now, I am in charge and he is my little bitch. Recently, I started teaching our daughters how much fun it is controlling Daddy. I have even given them his chastity cage key.

They are loving our family play cuckold fun!

I am loving sharing the experience with my GILF phone sex callers. With blogging, I am limited to how taboo things get, but with my calls, I have no limits. That means, when we are doing a call, you can hear as many naughty incest details as you want. Even better, we can role-play, letting you live the incest moments too. If you like cuckold, you get the best of both worlds like me!

Furthermore, these are not my only fetish loves. I am open to many other wonderful ways of playing. It keeps life spicey and fun, especially for me and my husband. He is one wild pervert and that is why I love him so darn much. When we met, he was an innocent young man, now, he is an open-minded dirty old man, just like I like them.

Of course, we have our differences and that can be trying.

The fun our family is having is a generation old tradition. Not for my husband but me. He is just lucky enough to marry me. When he and I are first dating and he is learning the truth about our incest lifestyle he is getting more and more excited about the idea of living like us. My family welcoming him in and the openness of loving my siblings, parents and the rest of the family.

Then, as we had children, him realizing we are sharing this lifestyle with them. When our daughters were developing, he was watching with pure enjoyment, knowing they are going to be with him too. Furthermore, when our Incestuous Family-Play started, his pleasure zones were overloading. It is always fun seeing him experience these things.

Consequently, his actions outside our house are having a rough effect on him now.

I am making sure he is seeing his punishment with our family play cuckold fun and his chastity contraption. Now, I am in control and he is seeing things are different. One thing I am seeing from him, he is a man that believes he is supposed to be in charge. Having me controlling him is hard but he is doing what is necessary, knowing this is how we are staying together.

Tonight we have a couple of sexy BBC acquaintances coming over. Kevin knows he is to be prepared to do whatever it takes, keeping them happy. He is also learning the only way he is cumming is with a cock. The girls and I are cock training daddy and he is loving it. This man is shooting the biggest loads of his life while he is our guest’s little bitch. It is such a turning on seeing his tight butthole stretching so much!

It is time and I hear the doorbell.

My daughters are quick at answering the door. Both of them are so excited, getting to play with two BBC fellas. They bring them into the living room. Kevin is standing there with nothing on but his chastity cage. Our guests are fully aware and know what they are seeing. Both our girls are helping serve our guests and help them undress. It is time for tonight’s family play cuckold fun.

Our two guests and I start making out as Kevin and the girls are watching. As things are heating up, the girls and Kevin know what they are to be doing. Of course, we are entering into some serious taboo stuff. If you want to hear the details of the rest of our night, you are going to have to call me and find out.

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