My husband is away on business this week. It is just me and the kids. We are having so much fun, movies, and popcorn after homework and chores are done. Without Daddy here we are missing him but we always do more stuff so we don’t notice it as much. One thing the kids love is board games. I learn when Daddy is home we will have some special incestuous family-play.

Last night we were playing “Shoots and Ladders” and my daughter announces she is ready to be a big girl. I turn to her and ask if she knows what that means. She said, “Yes Mommy, I can be with Daddy like you are!” Wow, she does know and I look at her and say, “You are right Brit!” We both giggle and are excited for Daddy’s return home.

Incestuous family-play is a big deal at our house, and my baby girl is ready to transition to a big girl!

When I talk to Daddy on the phone before I go to bed, I am excited to let him know what Brit said. He is tired and ready for his trip to be over. I quietly slide it into our conversation and he stops me, “What, are you serious?” He is no longer as worn out, silly man. Yes, I am serious, I tell him. It will be a special night of incestuous family-play.

My guy is a great husband and dad. I love him, the kids love him and we are grateful for the loving household we have. He has a great job so I can be a stay at home mom, which makes me and the kids very happy. I am there for them, day and night, and I love being their mom. Growing up in a family-play household xxx incest stories were the norm. My own family is the same and we are all happy and healthy.

Daddy is traveling from the west coast and will be home at a decent hour so we can play tonight.

The boys are not participating tonight as it is Brit’s special night with Daddy and me. Once they go to bed, Brit and I are getting ready. We get our shower, washing each other up. Then I style her hair up, so she is a big girl. She wants make-up so I do it up nicely for her. I am so excited for her and happy she is so excited. Events like this add to my skills in taboo phone sex.

I have made her a smaller garter belt for her stockings. She is wearing a slip over her panties and then an adorable dress with spaghetti straps. Her shoes are sandals with a slight heel. As she twirls in front of me and says she is a princess. She makes me laugh and feel joy. Tonight is amazing and our incestuous family-play will be so amazing.

We are busy finishing up when I hear Daddy pull in the driveway.

We meet him at the door and he is so happy to see us. He picks up Brit and swings her around as she giggles and hugs him tight. Then he comes to me, giving me a passionate kiss greeting. Going on about how gorgeous his ladies look, he announces he needs a shower before we play. I tell him to go ahead and we will get ready in the bedroom.

He walks into the bedroom wearing just a towel. His cock is already at attention as he is eyeing us waiting on the bed still dressed. He tells us he is so impressed with our outfits and we have Brit stand and show Daddy her pretty outfit. Then I take her dress off to show him her adorable garter belt and stockings. Wow, he is so impressed.

What a wonderful night we are having!

Daddy explains they need to make sure to thank Mommy for tonight by making sure she is happy first. Oh Daddy, you are such a good husband. They help me out of my clothes and I lay on my back. Daddy and Brit are between my legs going down on me, bringing me to orgasm so quickly.

Then it is time for Brit to start playing with Daddy’s penis. We explain that is what he has instead of a dinky like her brothers. She giggles as she wraps her hand around it. Then her tiny mouth is learning how to accommodate this larger version. Daddy is in heaven as his little girl is becoming a big girl. Things accelerate from there and I would love to share that with you, just call me to find out more.

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