Best friends share everything. Almost. Everything except male mutual masturbation, apparently. Jason and Brian wanted to fuck me. And they made it a race between best dude-bros who would fuck me first. They were both hot and I couldn’t decide. So I chose to date them both. Obviously, they were pretty well hung, so I was interested. But we never went so far as actual fucking before we dated. It might have been a much easier transition from dinner and dancing into bareback fucking if they paid attention.

They texted each other when I went out on dates with both of them. And it frustrated me so much, I had to get back at them. I used their lack of focus (on me) as a teachable moment they won’t forget. I introduced them to male mutual masturbation.

Dude. Put down the phone.

Right away I noticed they spent a lot of time texting each other. They claimed to be straight, so I wasn’t breaking up a male mutual masturbation session between the two. Both independently sending dick pics to my phone, they made it clear they wanted me. And I shot back lewd nudes in sensual poses, not cum filled pussy photos but maybe I should have.

Bringing text to reality felt like an uphill climb. When I’m in a slinky little black dress with fuck-me heels on my feet, I expect my date’s full attention. I hate feeling he’d rather be doing some male mutual masturbation. At the very least, he should stroke my thighs under the table, pull my panties to the side, and feel my wet pussy. With my tits pressed up in a Victoria’s Secret Wonderbra, Jason should at least be staring at my cleavage.

Do you want some male mutual masturbation or ME?

When I slid my hand into his lap, he was only half hard. And he kept smiling at his phone! I leaned in while he was preoccupied and whispered to him, “Let’s get out of here and have some real fun. You don’t need a condom. I just need you to cum. Now.”

He cleared his throat and blinked up at me. “Huh? Sorry, I wasn’t listening. Brian is so fucking funny. Look at the meme he sent me.”

Feeling incredibly annoyed, I squeezed his cock through his pants. A wet pussy had to be better than male mutual masturbation, right? I told Jason if he wanted to fuck around with his bestie on the phone while we were having dinner, that was fine. But he’d be going home alone.  He gasped and nearly dropped his phone on the table when he finally realized what I said. “Yeah, no, let’s get out of here. Back to our house?”

“Our house,” he explained in the car, was occupied by Jason and Brian. Wanting the same girl isn’t terrible. Living together, and then spending all their time on the phone together while I was trying to get laid felt like a problem, though. I made myself clear when I handed Jason my panties during dessert. However, instead of trying to feel me up at the restaurant, he kept laughing at his screen.

Male mutual masturbation led by me

When we got back, I had them both sit on the edge of Brian’s bed while I stripped naked. Eyes wide and dicks rock hard as a rock made them vulnerable.

“Take out your cocks and stroke yourselves for me.”

Both guys glanced at each other, not willing to pull it out so close to each other. They groaned when I bent to touch my toes and show them my slick cunt. After I had them strip naked, they both went silent and stroked furiously. Finally, I had their attention! And all it took was some mutual male masturbation.

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