My Sissy Meets a Special Friend at the Park and Experiences his First Real Bout of Public Sissy Humiliation

It’s been so warm the last few days, so I decided to treat my special sissy to a special outing. After all, everyone knows that fresh air and sunshine is essential for a little one’s growth and well-being. Of course, a bit of public sissy humiliation is always welcome – Two birds, one stone and all, lol.

Now normally, when dressing up my sissy, I do so privately. For my enjoyment, or for the enjoyment of my friends. This will be the first time I take her out in public in full sissy-wear. Understandably, as being mostly a closet sissy, she’s a bit nervous, but she soon learns not to question me (an over-the-knee spanking does wonders for a sissy’s attitude, lol).

I did her hair up just so, a light touch of makeup to bring out her eyes and precious lips. And of course, the prettiest little sissy dress you’ve ever seen, complete with layers upon layers of petticoats. She looked perfect, right down to her pink Mary Jane shoes.

My little sissy was ready for her special outing – and unbeknownst to her, to meet my special friend. The perfect cherry to top her public sissy humiliation experience.


When we get to the park, my sissy is a bit apprehensive but exits the car nevertheless.  I catch her looking about, but like the little trooper that she is, she trusts me to keep her safe. I make her get out, have her pull her shoulders back, and walk gracefully like I’ve taught her (such a lovely little lady!).

Time to put my mommy phone sex plans into action. We walk down the path a bit and come to the playground area. There are swings, and slides, an elaborate climbing area.  I tell her that she should go on the swings, and I’ll push her. You should have seen her face! It lit up as she had just won first prize in a beauty pageant!

As she swings higher and high, my friend makes an appearance at the edge of the play area. My sissy doesn’t notice, caught up in the rush of trying to reach the sky, her petticoats ruffling in the wind she’s making.

 I motioned to my friend to come over.


I slowed my little one so she could meet my special friend. Hunter was tall and muscular. A subdued power radiated from him, as well as an air of confidence. His piercing blue eyes promised so very much, as did his strong and masculine hands, ready to guide curious sissies in their next phase of training.

“Come here precious. I want you to meet a special friend of mine. If he likes you, he’ll be your new Daddy and show you how you can please him in all things.”


So tell me, do you need this phone sex mommy to introduce you to her special friend as well? Do you secretly desire to be put on display as a sissy, needing that “special” training that only humiliation phone sex can bring?

Oh yes, I do believe you do.

Call my phone sex line and we’ll start your training straight away.


Your Free Sex Story & Public Sissy Humiliation Guru,


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke