Is There Anything More Fun Than Snagging Your Own Personal Closet Sissy?

I’ve come to find the saying “life is like a box of chocolates” very true – you just never know what you’re gonna get…or step into.  Take for example the other day.  I never thought for a moment that when my friend Angie called me, I would end up with a closet sissy as my own personal plaything. But Whatcha know, hehe? But I digress. Let me back up a bit.

You see, my friend Angie and I had planned on meeting up for lunch.  A couple of hours prior I get a near frantic call from her at work– seems she forgot her cell phone at home and could I “please, please, PLEASE” stop by her house and pick it up on the way to lunch with her?  You’d have to know her to know that Angie can’t function without her phone, so I quickly acquiesced. Her hubby was out, so she told me where the hidden key was, and to just let myself in with it.

As I walked in the door, I heard music coming from their bedroom. Odd, seeing how there wasn’t supposed to be anyone home. I followed it down the hallway and found her husband Jack dressed in a little, frilly baby doll dress. Mommy phone sex jackpot!!

Not only that, but he was also lip-syncing to a Britney Spears song, spanking his panty-covered bottom and looking at himself in the mirror. I cleared my throat loudly; he spun around to look at me and realized that there was no explanation for what I had just witnessed.

Lord all mighty – Angie’s husband was a closet sissy!!


Even more damning was his hard cock poking up from the waistband of his panties. He began to beg me not to tell Angie, promising to do anything if I would keep his secret. Seems I’ve found myself a little sissy slut toy to play with, hehe!!

I assured him I would indeed keep his little “naughty indulgence” safely tucked away in the “closet”, as it were. With a few stipulations:

1) He joins me for a weekend of being my sissy slave and shopping in a nearby city

2) He would wear only sissy clothes and would be my sissy toy with NO exceptions

3) The first time I heard the word “no” I would call Angie and tell her everything

With mingled fear and excitement, he reluctantly agreed – what else could he do? I had him by his panty-clad balls, lol!  A wicked and sinister smile grew across my face then.  Just to make sure he didn’t back out, I snapped a few “revealing” photos of my closet sissy. As I admired the pictures of him in his sissy outfit, I told him I’d text him with the details of our “girl’s weekend”.  He winced at my words, but his cock twitched as well, giving himself away. I wondered if this little sissy enjoyed strap-on play as well.  I mentally added it to our to-do list.


So tell me, are you a closet sissy? Perhaps even a closet sissy slut?  Care to find out what sort of decadent things I can blackmail you into doing? Just give my phone sex line a jingle and find out for yourself ;)!



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